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  1. Not even all BiPAP machines use oxygen. It is just having oxygen tanks that are restricted. I never use distilled water, even at home. I just clean out the tank every so often. Any sediment in the water is just going to be left in the tank. It is not going to effect the machine operation or what you breathe in. In the Caribbean humidity, probably don't even need a humidifier.
  2. Its not on my to do list for Dec 19 2021. I cannot get the planner or booking & order details though.
  3. Yes. For my April 3 cruise (which I have since moved), I had moved the final payment from Jan 3 to Feb 18. BTW, no reason to pay them off early. Stick the money in savings and earn some interest instead of letting Carnival do it.
  4. You could ask Carnival for an extension on final payment, and wait on option 1.
  5. This is why I will rebook if the first leg of my Mar/Apr B2B gets cancelled. Its paid with gift cards, so if I took a refund, Carnival will still have my cash and I lose the OBC. The 2nd leg has only the deposit on cc, and they are not getting another penny until there is progress that it will sail.
  6. Can also buy gift cards from Cherry on Top with the excess. Then use those on your future cruises.
  7. No. The survival of a company or even an industry is not more important than my freedom of choice. I will not cruise if masks are required. My wife cannot wear a mask. She has panic attacks if anything gets too close to her face for any period of time. If masks are required to cruise, our vacation dollars will be spent doing something else.
  8. The cancellation letter should say that this offer supersedes any other offers. You cannot stack them.
  9. I'm just the opposite. Have gotten all the gift cards, and waiting on the credit card refunds.
  10. Our gift cards for Fun Store purchases for 3/29 cancelled cruise just came yesterday.
  11. If you read the fine print, it is not supposed to, but my PVP was able to do it, as have others. You won't be able to apply the FCC without calling Carnival anyway, so I would recommend calling the PVP line and getting one if you don't have one already. I would recommend mine, but board rules prohibit posting PVPs.
  12. I would go ahead and book if you are definitely going with the FCC/OBC option. As long as you have enough FCC to cover the deposit, you aren't going to have any more money tied up than you do now. We rolled over our 2 times cancelled cruise to add a B2B to our March 2021 cruise. But Carnival isn't getting another cent until they start operations again.
  13. If you are going to take the FCC, you won't be getting any gift cards back. If the new cruise is cheaper than the original, they can transfer up to $500 in OBC. If it is more than that, then you would get the balance back in gift card.
  14. You don't get to choose the form of your refund. It goes back to the same form you paid. So if you paid from cc and gift cards, you will get a refund of those amounts to your cc and a new gift card. You may or may not get it by August. I am still waiting on some of mine from our cancelled March cruise.
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