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  1. We were in 8740 on the Bliss this spring. No noise at all from Food Republic. In the evenings you could here the piano guy while walking in the hallway but not in our room. And we only heard music from the theater (below us) a couple of times.
  2. I had Elijah Craig at Maltings on the Bliss last spring
  3. I've picked up all the versions of Blantons at Golmuhar's. Last year it was $10 cheaper than I've paid in the States. Brought home 6 bottles of liquor on that cruise and didn't pay a penny in duties in Miami. I also picked up a bottle of Wild Turkey 13 year old at Gomuhar's.
  4. I brought 6 bottles (750 ml) through customs in Miami and paid zero taxes or duties. Bought them on St. Martin. But if you go through Galveston you will have to pay the Texas state tax on each bottle. But you do get a nifty Texas tax stamp that they tell you that you must put it on the bottle.
  5. Wife and I had cabin 15196 on the Seaside last week. You really can't help but to see into the balconies on deck 9 if you look down towards the water. And as a bonus, you get to see into the jacuzzi's in the whirlpool suites. : ) Our cabin was under the pool deck overhang and noise really only bothered me twice. The first morning when someone decided he had to run a couple of miles at 6AM. Fortunately his enthusiasm waned after the first day. The second time was when the crew was cleaning up after White night. Sounded like they were having a deck chair throwing contest at 1:30AM. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner times you can hear the people eating outside on deck 8 but it was more like background noise and not really a bother.
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