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  1. Well, you state that you knew what you were buying, so if you don't agree with the contract then do as you suggest, don't sign it. I don't need the government to make that choice for me.
  2. My opinion and mine alone. If people want to book far ahead to get prime upgrades on airlines, cruises, etc, then that's the chance they take and it is on them. No one is forced to book so far out by the company. If someone has multiple trips cancelled and continues to keep booking, that too is on them. Consumers have some responsibility for their own actions. It's not all on the seller.
  3. Just looked, no problem finding a cruise. Might have been a temporary glitch.
  4. If it was a non refundable, such as early saver, and you cancel, then you will lose the deposit. If Carnival cancels you should get it back since they are not providing the cruise you paid the deposit on.
  5. No price drops for us. Our Nov cruise sold out a while ago and our April cruise has increased $200.
  6. Amazing, apparently people that don't agree with your opinion must be stupid. Got a bit of an ego do you? Despite what you might think, like it or not, you are not the final word on what's what, nor are you smarter than everyone else.
  7. Some people seem to think they are the only ones informed and their opinion is the only one that counts. Oh well, too bad if they are annoyed. Their I'm right attitude is tiresome.
  8. "but one way aisles do have SOME effect in reducing inter-personal contact." Again, where's the data that proves this? Pure speculation. Just because you, or someone else, claims it works doesn't make it so. It certainly doesn't appear to reduce contact in any store I have been in so... Do I do it, if possible yes, but with flexibility to not do it depending on circumstances. Do I believe it makes any difference, no, not really but I don't have any data either way.
  9. Where do we find the data that specifically proves that one way aisles equates to a reduced infection rate? If one way aisles were the only thing being done then you could say it was data. Unless it can be proven its just speculation, not data.
  10. In my opinion this whole one way aisle thing is ridiculous. We go down an aisle, (following the arrow) and there are a half a dozen others in the aisle, I'm not supposed to pass them because there will be less than 6 feet between us and they are standing there trying to decide what item they want. If I do pass them then I'm taking the chance of getting the virus from being too close. Sorry, I'm not standing around waiting for the aisle to clear, I'll pass them or turn around and disregard the stupid arrows. On a ship it's even more ridiculous. If my cabin is at the end, or even middle, of a dead end corridor how can I only go one way? Either I can go down to enter my room or reverse that to get out of my room. You can't do both if it's one way. If cabin corridors are not one way then why bother with other corridors? You'll be passing many other folks in your cabin corridor any way. Besides, on some ships, if the corridor you're on is one way then you have to go a different route to get to other areas because they are the only corridors that lead to where you are heading. Sometimes rules, or whatever else you want to call them, are not thought out or truly beneficial, they're just a knee jerk reaction to make people think something good is being done. JMHO
  11. For a short while they did cut the final payment date for some trips to 30 days prior to your cruise. I have since tried to get that change and have had no luck.
  12. Drive to the port. Whether we stay in a hotel or dine out pre cruise depends on when we go.
  13. We're on that cruise as well, 40th anniversary gift to ourselves. If they bring back that thing about needing a Drs note if you are over 70, we'll just say, 'ask him, he's in the adjacent cabin.' 😃
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