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  1. So, 2000 people get vaccinated but they should stay home because 500 choose not to? Seems to me the 500 are the reckless ones so they should stay home. We should not all suffer because of a few. The same as we should not all suffer because a minority are too scared to move.
  2. No one will be forced to take a cruise with unvaccinated folks. If you're that concerned about what might/could happen, stay home and leave the rest of us be. Don't feel safe on a cruise, don't go on a cruise. You are not forced to leave your house, you might get hit by a bus if you go out, who knows. I personally would rather live life and let what happens happen instead of living a life of worry.
  3. I think he is right, if there are 2000 vaccinated passengers and 500 more that decided they don't want to be vaccinated then that's on them, not the rest of us. Why should I be concerned about them if they don't care about themselves? You make your choices and you suffer the consequences.
  4. Agree with John, we've driven from Orlando area to Miami and FLL day of cruise multiple times. Just leave early as stated.
  5. Yup, we're with you on this. We want to cruise but not with these proposed restrictions.
  6. Only issue with this statement is, the 'jab' does not "confer immunity", you can still get the virus and also possibly transfer it to others.
  7. I've heard that in some countries they are prohibited as well. Never tried to take mine.
  8. Where up state? as a former up-stater I'm curious.😀
  9. Besides our cabin in AZ we also have a 21' camper that will get some use and we are driving down to Orlando for a week or so shortly.
  10. We've booked a cabin in AZ for June to visit the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Hoover Dam. Completely different than a cruise but still looking forward to the trip.
  11. Yup, these type rules are exactly why we will not be cruising in the near future no matter how much we enjoy cruising. Canceled two booked cruises already. Some folks have said they are ok with these restrictions and that's fine, I hope they enjoy themselves, but this is not for us.
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