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  1. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and make the change or just accept what is.
  2. Pyrate13


    Our favorite ship, she looks GREAT!
  3. We have a couple of those issues but as far as I'm concerned, we'll worry about us and let whomever else worry about themselves. As another poster mentioned, I refuse to live in fear. I'm going to live life while I'm alive, not hide away. JMHO
  4. Except for a few who think they know better than someone actually in the business.
  5. Yes. I'm formerly from Fl, now in NC but moving back down next week.
  6. Service fee, ha, Just a slick way to increase the toll without stating it as such, that's what it is.
  7. Have to agree about the "ferris wheel thing", we had free tickets and did it, but it's really not that interesting a view.
  8. Used to see, and speak, to General Tibbets when I worked as a volunteer at the Warbird Museum in Kissimmee, FL. He had a reserved parking space there. Great man.
  9. I've always ordered a bottle of Crown also, sad if it's gone from the order form.
  10. To each their own. I'm quite content with my choice.
  11. 27 south of Orlando is a different world, traffic wise, than the area of Gainesville to the Orlando area. But, the OP is not going south, but to Port Canaveral, so that's a moot point.
  12. Coming from a non-swimmer, I love to snorkel. My first time was in the British Virgin Islands on a boat where the operators were excellent at assisting non-swimmers. I was apprehensive at first but grew to totally enjoy it. What we found works perfectly for me (at the crews suggestion) is a water skiers belt and a small foam 'boogie' type board for my hands to rest on when needed. I strongly suggest purchasing a good face mask that fits well, the cheap ones will turn you off very quickly. Your non-swimmers need to go for it, the undersea world is amazing to say the least.
  13. For what it's worth, I would consider US27 the worst option but...
  14. Yes, the price I gave was one way so $50 round trip, per their website. Great that you were still able to get the $40 rate!
  15. Yes, the route I suggested is thru Gainesville. I driven it many times and might have been backed up once. Nothing like Atlanta though. Yes, you can get backups in Orlando, but I've also been in long backups multiple times in Jax both going 95 thru downtown and on the 295 belt. Driving thru cities is a crap shoot no matter where you go.
  16. Living in Florida for 25 years (now in NC, but soon to be back in FL) I would just stay on 75 then pick up the FL Turnpike (yes, it's a toll road but...) to Orlando where you then pick up 528 (the Beach Line) directly to PC. But that's just me. By the way, I-20 goes from Atlanta to Florence, NC. From Macon, to get to 95 you would need to be on I-16.
  17. If it was me I would stay at one of the hotels that are very close to MCO and take the Cortrans shuttle in the morning. Cortrans has very good, reliable service and is well liked on these boards. They have increased their price by $5 per person from $20 to $25 but still worth it. You can set up a round trip and have them pick you up at the ship for return to MCO at the end of your cruise.
  18. Christmas week is one of the two busiest weeks of the year at Disney World. Remember, it's an hour or so drive from the port on a good day. If you got off the ship at 1 (probably not, more likely a bit later) then got a ride to the rental cars and go thru the process there, then the drive, I don't see you making it before 3 and possibly later. To get back I would not leave the Springs any later than 7, probably earlier, as you need to reverse the whole process. For me, a few hours of shopping just isn't worth it, but that's just me.
  19. If all goes well it can be done. That being said any delay, whether it be in getting off the ship (one time we were held on the ship until after 10 AM for unknown reasons), transportation issues, accidents on the Beach Line, long security lines (which do happen in MCO), etc, and you could be SOL. My opinion and mine only, I would not book a flight that early. I'm sure others will come on and say go ahead so...your choice.
  20. I have no idea what one costs, that's not the point. It's folks that don't want the vaccine and don't care what a fake card costs. As I said, I'm already fully vaxxed so I don't need the fake card but others will go that route.
  21. The problem with this is that the vaccine cards are easily forged, heck you can find them for sale on line if you look hard enough. Oh well, we're v'ed and don't have a cruise booked until Dec 2022. It'll likely all change before then.
  22. If they can't stop an unvaccinated cruiser what's to stop anyone from saying they are vaccinated and avoiding all the expenses and restrictions? Just wondering, as we all know it will happen.
  23. #1 would be my first choice and #2 my second.
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