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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, that is the cruise we'll be going on, cant wait!
  2. My wife and I are going on an ultimate Caribbean 11 night cruise on reflection next month and are wondering when the chic nights will be? I understand there will be 2 for this length if cruise. Our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th and 11th says are at sea and the 9th day we leave port at 3pm if this has any influence on it. thanks
  3. We did try woodwind but they're fully booked, we fancy a beach day as well so now wondering if were better to go to the beacj at arroba and snorkel at Bonaire and or curacao. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask but my wife and I are going on an 11 night ultimate Caribbean cruise and are looking at a snorkelling tour/trip when we are in Aruba. We are novices at snorkelling! Has anybody got any experience of tours? Hoping for a smaller group ideally and maybe a trip to a few different locations. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  5. Is there a similar thread with secrets of reflection? we are sailing on her in April and any hints like this would be much appreciated!
  6. What days would the chic night's be on an 11 night cruise?
  7. Hi, Is there a difference in booking excursions through Celebrity or privately? I've read some reviews of a few excursions (booked privately) where people have complained about being put together with other tours and groups for certain parts and its not quite what they were expecting. There looks like a sight difference in cost but not a huge amount. My wife and I are on an 11 night ultimate Caribbean cruise to Grand Cayman, Cartagena and the ABC's. We are trying to decide on some of the best things to do in these locations and how best to book them. Previously we cruised in the med for 7 nights and didn't book anything as we had our own plans so excursions are a new thing for us.
  8. We are thinking of booking this same package, for the same trip! I understood that you are automatically booked for the first night but when you board you can change that to another night? Also if you book this package do you only book the other nights once on-board and not beforehand?
  9. My wife and I are going on the 11 night Caribbean cruise on the Reflection on 1st April this year. We both enjoy paddle boarding and are hoping to do some on our trip, in particular when we are in the ABC's. Has anybody any experience of this at these destinations and if not the best beaches at these locations where we might be able to do this. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, does the porch fall into the speciality restaurant category that you can pre book or just turn on when on board? We are planning the lawn club grill, it sounds great!
  11. Going on Reflection next month and we were planning to go to the lawn club grill, is this different to the porch?
  12. matj1986


    My wife and I are booked on the Reflection in April in a balcony stateroom. We would like to use the spa at some point and possibly get some treatments. Is this extra or is the spa included but the treatments are extra? Do you need to book the spa for entrance o just turn up? Im not quite sure what the Persian gardens are, do they form part of the spa or are they an extra again? Thanks
  13. I didn't realise it couldn't be used in cellar masters, why is that?
  14. Hello, we are booked on Reflection in April for an 11 night cruise and have the classic beverage package included as part of our booking. We are thinking about upgrading to the premium package but when we log on to 'manage your cruise' there is nothing shown under beverage packages in our booking. I understood from reading elsewhere that upgrading meant we would only pay the difference the 2 packages, can anybody confirm this and if so how do we do it?! Thanks
  15. Sorry folks, you are correct, the Freedom does sail out of San Juan. I suppose we are trying to decide which itinerary is best along with the facilities on the ship. We haven't been to the Caribbean before so don't have a great knowledge of the islands. The extra nights on board with the B2B sounds great.
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