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  1. It's not an excursion, but if you're not afraid of heights I recommend riding the Magical Flying Chair in Roatan. It was hot on the way to the beach, but we had a breeze on the way back. Either way, it was cool checking out the scenery from on high.
  2. I haven't sailed with Chloe, but I have sailed with the other three and I somewhat agree with you. Matt, Schwartz and Mikey were awesome! Simon was...ok. The only interaction I had with him was the Dr.Seuss story time and parade ( I was with my 5 yr old niece) and he did that well. Other than that, it wasn't much. I thought maybe it was me. I honestly can't remember if I went to the events he hosted, like the 80's party, but I figure maybe I just wasn't around much. Interesting to see you say the same. That whole cruise was so so for me. I had Simon on the Magic and even the ship didn't blow me away. I haven't booked a cruise based on the CD...yet. I'm booking one to cruise with Dr E. I heard he's similar to Matt and Schwartz in styles and everything I see of him online looks impressive. I've also heard good things about Mike Pack, The Flying Scottsman and Cookie.
  3. My family and I were on the Magic this June in two side by side suites and we were able to open the balcony dividers. Worked out well since the rooms weren't connecting.
  4. My apologies. I misunderstood your question. I thought you meant you wanted to "move him up" as in he hasn't cruised since he was in Camp Ocean and you wanted to know the process for the older group. It's worth a shot to ask, but it's not likely they will place him with a group outside of his age range. I've heard of people asking because they want to keep siblings together or their child is "advanced mentally" and they've always said no. They verify the DOB when you register them.
  5. Since your water question has been answered, I'll take the second one. On embarkation day, they have a check-in time for Circle C (that's the teen club). Check your Funtimes for those hours. Even though you have to register them for the club, they don't have a sign in/sign out policy. They can come and go as they please.
  6. Pictures, sundaes at Cherry on Top (if your ship has the sundaes), spa ( if not a full body massage, a foot massage will feel reeeeaaaally good after walking around in port all day), free cruise Bingo and momof3cruisers had a good idea about cashing it out in the casino too.
  7. On the Vista, D3 is the lower level of the Horizons restaurant. We were just there last week and that was our muster station too.
  8. Hello. Other than the buffet and Guys, what food locations were available upon embarkation? Thanks!
  9. It's still listed on Carnival's FAQ page and Carnival is still listed on the cruiseline formalwear site. I figure it was up to date.
  10. Though there would be nothing wrong with him wearing his uniform, he should consider whether or not he wants attention. If he wants attention, wear the uniform. If he's more of a fly under the radar and low-key type of guy, just wear some slacks and a collard shirt. In general, elegant night isn't really that elegant on Carnival. Yes there are some that dress up, but like others have stated here, the majority of the people look no different on that night than any other. If he does want to dress more elegantly, but not in uniform, he can just rent a tux or suit. Carnival (and some other cruise lines) even has a company they work with called Cruiseline Formalwear, www.cruiselineformal.com, where you can rent, well, just that; formal wear. You pick it up at the special occasions area or Cherry on Top.
  11. I've not cruised solo yet, but when I do, I don't think it would be NCL. I was excited when I first heard they were introducing solo cabins, but lost that enthusiasm once I saw them. Never say never, but I don't see it. I don't like interior rooms and having a window that opens to a hallway is not appealing to me. That's similar to the Havana cabins on Carnival that have the balcony right at the walkway. People will be walking back and forth by your open window and normal curiosity is to look in. The size is also too small. Just because I'm solo doesn't mean I want to be in a supply closet. I'm one of those people that enjoys being in my room when there are no activities going on that I'm interested in. As far as the solo lounge or events, I'm more introverted, so I don't really seek out opportunities to meet people. If it just happens organically, ok, but I don't look for it. I have to talk to people all day at work, so when I go on vacation, that's another time I get to turn off the motor mouth. Royal Caribbean's solo balconies look good. I'll try those. Virgin Voyages will have solo cabins as well. If I remember correctly there will be interior and sea view rooms. Too bad there won't be a solo balcony, but that's one ship that I think I would spend a lot of time out of my room, so sea view would be ok. The common areas look great!
  12. I have taken wine when cruising out of Galveston since CHEERS doesn't activate until day 2. That is unless I have OBC. If I have OBC then I'll just use that for drinks the first day and not take any wine. Other than that, I wouldn't take any if I had CHEERS. More space for other things and I don't have to worry about packing it gingerly so that it won't break.
  13. When they started to give way, did you all notice a difference in the taste of your drinks?
  14. Thanks! I got distracted by the drink itself. 😄 That looks sooo good (especially while sitting here at work). It doesn't look like what I was envisioning.
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