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  1. I've not cruised solo yet, but when I do, I don't think it would be NCL. I was excited when I first heard they were introducing solo cabins, but lost that enthusiasm once I saw them. Never say never, but I don't see it. I don't like interior rooms and having a window that opens to a hallway is not appealing to me. That's similar to the Havana cabins on Carnival that have the balcony right at the walkway. People will be walking back and forth by your open window and normal curiosity is to look in. The size is also too small. Just because I'm solo doesn't mean I want to be in a supply closet. I'm one of those people that enjoys being in my room when there are no activities going on that I'm interested in. As far as the solo lounge or events, I'm more introverted, so I don't really seek out opportunities to meet people. If it just happens organically, ok, but I don't look for it. I have to talk to people all day at work, so when I go on vacation, that's another time I get to turn off the motor mouth. Royal Caribbean's solo balconies look good. I'll try those. Virgin Voyages will have solo cabins as well. If I remember correctly there will be interior and sea view rooms. Too bad there won't be a solo balcony, but that's one ship that I think I would spend a lot of time out of my room, so sea view would be ok. The common areas look great!
  2. I have taken wine when cruising out of Galveston since CHEERS doesn't activate until day 2. That is unless I have OBC. If I have OBC then I'll just use that for drinks the first day and not take any wine. Other than that, I wouldn't take any if I had CHEERS. More space for other things and I don't have to worry about packing it gingerly so that it won't break.
  3. When they started to give way, did you all notice a difference in the taste of your drinks?
  4. Thanks! I got distracted by the drink itself. πŸ˜„ That looks sooo good (especially while sitting here at work). It doesn't look like what I was envisioning.
  5. Hello. Does anyone have any pictures of the new straws Carnival is using? If so, will you please post them? I'm curious as to how they look. I googled "sugar straws" but there are many different kinds. Thank you!
  6. Strawberry Lemonade Daiquiri! So refreshing when it's super hot out. It's also the first drink I get when coming back on board in port.🍹😍
  7. I was most recently on the Magic the week of June 16 and they were $20 each. I do believe they were 8x10.
  8. Greetings, My family and I have only sailed Carnival but are wanting to branch out and try a new line, so we're considering the MSC Seaside for Summer of next year. Looking at their website and videos on Youtube, it appears the only thing for kids to do is play with Legos or be on the computer. I have a 5 year old niece (well, she'll be 6 by Summer of next year) and though she enjoys both of those things, I can see her getting bored after a day or two with just that. I'm hoping I'm missing something in videos and the advertisements for what's available are just not truly descriptive. I know MSC isn't initially a "family" line so the same catering to kids found on Carnival won't necessarily be there, but what other activities do they have for kids in that age group? Thanks in advance!
  9. It should hit at the start of your cruise. On my last cruise, I turned gold. It was a six day and technically I wouldn't have been gold until the fourth day in, but it's not like you're going to go anywhere once you're on the ship so you get that level from the start. The only way I can see that changing is if you have an emergency or get kicked off and have to disembark early. As long as the days of your trip are greater than the number of days you have to get to that next level, you'll be granted that at the start. That's how it has been for me anyway. Like someone previously said though, it would have to be the actual last full day and not debarkation day. You can tell when you log into your account and look at your booking. Go to "My Benefits" or "My Cruises" and it will show the level you will be on for that cruise.
  10. Oh. Absolutely there were 80's costumes! We didn't know what to expect so we kept it simple and bought some cheap multi colored t-shirts and cut them up, styled our hair in 80's fashion and wore leg warmers. There was one couple where the woman dressed as Madonna with the lace fluffy skirt, lace gloves, tank top, etc. and the guy was dressed as MC Hammer; gold shiny top and matching Hammer pants. It was great! Please, do go ALL OUT for this. You won't be alone. It'll be a blast and the pictures will be fun.
  11. No one was dressed up formally. It's on the lido deck so it was super casual. Think sail-a-way party at night. Now, that doesn't mean that you and those in your group that want to dress up can't fancy it up a bit. I'm pretty sure glow necklaces and bracelets go with anything when on a cruise. πŸ˜‰
  12. Yes, there is an 80's theme day and glow party that night. The photographers have 80's props you can use for the pictures too. On that day you will also get the Carnival Capers. It's the same as the Fun Times, but that's what it was called at that time and it looks different. They will have the midnight buffet one night as well. Throughout the week they will have seminars for various things like photography and/or a chef cooking demonstration and have old activities like the knobby knees contest. I think you'll enjoy it. My family and I went on the 15 day Breeze repo cruise and looooved it. I'm looking forward to my next Journeys cruise. I'll tell you, it'll be hard going back to 7 days after having many more. First world problems, I know. πŸ˜„ Enjoy your journey!
  13. Hello. If you have stayed on deck 6 of the Dream, would you please tell me what it was like being above the Promenade deck? How noisy was it and would you recommend it? We are considering it with a balcony room, but wonder about the noise. I'm thinking it wouldn't be as bad as being under the deck. If you have stayed right under and right above the promenade, what was it like in comparison to each other? Thanks in advance!
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