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  1. On boarding go directly to the Internet Cafe area and see the internet manager for the upgrade. I was on an eleven day cruise and got a credit of $125 toward the 24/7 online without streaming. My cost then was $135 out of pocket. They will give you credit for whatever it would cost you to purchase the 250 plan for your particular cruise. That figure can be found online at NCL's web site.
  2. That is a question with an almost impossible answer. Too many different factors are involved, which ship, how many people accessing, time of day, position of ship in relation to satellite. The larger the ship the slower the connection just because of the sheer number of people using it. All traffic goes through a satellite which sends it to NCL in Florida and into the mainstream of conventional internet from there. I was on the Breakaway in October and I had a usable signal most of the time, but never fast. It did cut in and out and went half a day with no connection at all. I had the 250 plan and used it as a credit to upgrade to the top tier, after all it's only 5 hours and 10 minutes. In researching your question I did come across one NCL paper that said any 250 plan was locked at 1000mb in the best of conditions. Bottom line, good luck, it's not at all like sitting down to your computer at home!
  3. You cannot buy liquor on board a NCL ship to consume in your cabin! Any liquor you buy onboard with be in the duty free shop and that is held for you until the day you disembark. I have heard of buying at a bar, but it's held at the bar for you, like a bottle club at a casino. You have to pre-purchase by calling the NCL number and asking for a 'bar set up', and it will be in your cabin on the first day, and they are expensive! A liter of Grey Goose is $130 and include choice of 3 mixers and 3 garnishes. This is not an advertised NCL offering and you only get it by asking!
  4. One month ago on Oct 16th, the Breakaway 11 night to Eastern Caribbean with return to NYC. I arrived at terminal rooftop parking at 11am, and was waved on by New York's finest, parking was full and the rooftops were closed! Everything I had read said there was always parking, a ship comes in and passengers get in their cars and leave thus opening up parking spaces, right, wrong!!!! What I failed to take into account was that The Breakaway had not left from NYC, it was arriving on a trip that started in Copenhagen! Not one of the disembarking passengers had a car on the rooftop parking, but the Gem and Escape that used the same pier within the previous week did, resulting in a full and closed condition. I was lucky and found a lot on the corner of 12th and 51st that charged the same as I would have paid on the rooftop, I just had to lug my bags a couple of blocks.
  5. Tried this on Breakaway, 10/16/2018, didn't work. The internet manager showed me the page online that says you can upgrade the 250 minutes perk to only the basic online or the unlimited online at an additional cost of a couple of hundred dollars, with $125 credit for the 250 minute perk, (on my 11 day trip). I, like you, wanted just to move up to Social Media at about $35, they won't do it!
  6. Same on the Breakaway 3 weeks ago. I recommend the Filetto De Manzo Al Pepe Verde, it was better than Cagney's, of course it could be due to the chef.
  7. There's your answer right there! Studio's are single payment whereas interior's are PP for 2.
  8. Good luck to you pelicanbill!! I hope you have a great cruise and a welcome to NOLA unlike our experience getting off on the 27TH.
  9. Sandy Hook Pilot station suspended harbor entrance and had all ships including breakaway search for a man overboard from a commercial ship. We had Coast Guard helicopters also searching and the word is that he was rescued.
  10. Your most welcome newone17. I believe the purpose of CC is to help and inform and that's all I tried to do.
  11. I'm onboard! Arrival time I assume has not changed, haven't heard any different. Norwegian has been very good as far as helping folks to rebook travel arrangements. They have set up a comm center in one of the meeting rooms and opened the internet and phone lines to all who need to make contact. Present weather has mounting seas at 15 feet, on and off heavy rain and winds at 26kts. Speed between 18/19kts. Cabin TV shows us off the state of Delaware. Quite a bit of rock and roll, if you have to move about best to have a hand on a solid surface. Any change, I'll post!
  12. No evac!! According to onboard ship's navigation channel arrival at pier now is to be 6pm tomorrow.
  13. I am on board and I am the OP. We are not enroute to Miami! We are traveling north and may be met by a Jayhawk out of Jacksonville. The crew is tightlipped and just says that the Captain will update!
  14. They also put up the disembarkation times, self assist first off starting at 7 and going through the rest with last off at 9:15.
  15. JIMESOPUS, I am onboard and I started this thread. To answer your question, I don’t know! Some time during the night the course changed from NW to W, straight toward the lower Bahamas. At around 9 this morning the course changed again to N, in my guesstimate we where about 100 miles west of Bahamas. All this was taken from the ships information channel on the cabin TV. We are now heading on a direct line to NYC and doing 22.4 Kts. We are beyond the distance of any chopper that I know of and are north of Miami, and according to the shown projected line we are going to move slightly east probably to clear Hatteras. The word among a lot of pax is that the patient has stabilized and is going to remain on to NYC. So again, I don’t know and are just as confused as you!
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