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  1. On boarding go directly to the Internet Cafe area and see the internet manager for the upgrade. I was on an eleven day cruise and got a credit of $125 toward the 24/7 online without streaming. My cost then was $135 out of pocket. They will give you credit for whatever it would cost you to purchase the 250 plan for your particular cruise. That figure can be found online at NCL's web site.
  2. That is a question with an almost impossible answer. Too many different factors are involved, which ship, how many people accessing, time of day, position of ship in relation to satellite. The larger the ship the slower the connection just because of the sheer number of people using it. All traffic goes through a satellite which sends it to NCL in Florida and into the mainstream of conventional internet from there. I was on the Breakaway in October and I had a usable signal most of the time, but never fast. It did cut in and out and went half a day with no connection at all. I had the 250 plan and used it as a credit to upgrade to the top tier, after all it's only 5 hours and 10 minutes. In researching your question I did come across one NCL paper that said any 250 plan was locked at 1000mb in the best of conditions. Bottom line, good luck, it's not at all like sitting down to your computer at home!
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