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  1. yes drinks were included. We only used swim up bar. They had 2 bartenders making potent drinks of all kinds. There may have been other bars but we didnt leave the pool/beach area.
  2. I recently paid $20 for 30 minutes. But they tacked on a $3.95 access charge. And the minutes go really fast since the service is on the slow side. Almost like the old dial up days. I think the per minute was about $.45. There was also a larger minute package you could get but I only needed it to print boarding passes. Oh yeah, that was another $.50. Hope this helps
  3. I did see some people with towels but none were offered to us. I also didnt see where you could pick one up. There was a place where one of the guys got a volleyball, but he didnt mention towels. Not that he would even think to do so. LOL
  4. The guard didnt balk at all. I think for those not cruising it is $80. It is posted inside the entrance that cruisers are $60. When you enter the reception area which is very large, immediately turn left and go through the double glass doors. Immediately on your right is the cruise purchase area. Don't go to the main reception desk. Once we got off the bus, nobody asked where we were from. So I dont know why anybody would pay the $80. The only downside we experienced was we did not care for the buffet lunch. But the younger ones, ages 19-23, had a ball with the slides, volleyball in the pool, trampoline in the sea, and beach area. I would go back again but maybe pack a little lunch. Have fun.
  5. I was there last week with a group of 9 of various ages. Walked to the taxi stand from the pier (Carnival). Round trip cost of taxi is $10 per person. When you arrive at Sunset, guard at gate will quote a price of $80. Tell him you are from cruise ship which is $60 (as posted inside resort). When entering resort, turn immediately to your left and walk through the double glass doors and turn to the right. Thats where you get your pass. Not at the front desk. You will be given a bracelet to show you paid. We all had a good time. Swim up bar was wonderful, pools very nice, not alot of space for jetski, but they had a trampoline in the water that the kids liked. only complaint was the food. bad, bad, and worse!!
  6. Our group of 9 spent the day at Sunset Grand last week. And while it is true you can see the ship from the resort, I would not recommend walking. It is further away that it looks. The taxi (actually a 18 passenger bus) took about 12 minutes. So I would guess it would be at least a 30 minute walk through not so nice roads. It's only $10 round trip per person and in my opinion, well worth the cost.....even if the "guide" was a bit snotty.
  7. ;)veryhotred......you are too funny. I thought I was the only one who snickered at that;)
  8. I also had this problem. I emailed Carnival (through their website) and in about 2 days I had an my number. However, when I tried to enter it, it would come up as unknown. I gave it to my travel agent and she was able to get Carnival to recognize it. Glad she did cause using that number got me an upgrade to midship and an $80 OBC. Yay me!!
  9. I have been trying to sign into Carnival since Friday so that I can give them my passport info. I can get the home page but when I try to click past that I get the dreaded "page not available". Has anybody else had this problem or is it my computer? Is there any way to bypass this and get to where I need to go? BTW on Friday, after the last price drop, my TA was able to get me an upgrade and an OBC. Could this be the reason? Maybe they don't update the system over the weekend?:confused:
  10. Our group did it a few years ago. One of the guys went as Charlie Brown and needed to wear shorts. When he cleared it with the Maitre De he was told no problem.......and it wasnt. I's day about 20% wore costumes 40% wore formal, and the remainder wore the always elegant t shirt and jeans.
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