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    Precruise hotel/SanJuan

    We stayed at Canario By the Sea in the Condada area of SJ. It was close to the beach, (about half a block), and also close to shopping & dining. If you're just looking for something clean and basic, you might want to check out their website. Rooms are small, but breakfast was included & the port is only 5-10 minutes away as I recall. We were there in January of last year, by the way.
  2. TravelJunkie1

    cruise out of Bayonne, NJ

    Hi Meg, I sent you an e-mail message, just checking to see if you have received it. thanks so much for your help. Donna
  3. TravelJunkie1

    Help Please....regarding Newark Hotel

    Thanks alot, I'll try that. Wow!! Five minutes to the world trade center. I'd love to do that.
  4. TravelJunkie1

    Help Please....regarding Newark Hotel

    Thanks for all the good advice. Jersey City is sounding really nice. We'll have 6-7 hours the afternoon & evening before our cruise and it would be great to be able to get out & walk around, go to the mall, etc. Think I'll check out the Hyatt. Does anyone know if I'd have a chance on Priceline with this hotel?
  5. TravelJunkie1

    Help Please....regarding Newark Hotel

    Thanks for all the input. By the way, Wrenchhead Cruiser, I'm from Oklahoma as well. This is our first cruise on one of the "mega Ships", really looking forward to sailing the Explorer.
  6. We are sailing on the Explorer, Sept 8 and plan to spend one night either near the Newark airport or perhaps in Jersey City. We've heard area around the airport isn't so nice but would like hotel to provide free shuttle from airport. Would Jersey City be better? Would appreciate suggestions as we need to book soon.
  7. TravelJunkie1

    cruise out of Bayonne, NJ

    Help please!!! Need advice for one night in Newark area. Would it be better to stay near Newark airport or stay in Jersey City? Also, would the hotels in Jersey City offer free shuttle from airport or is that too far? Would the Jersey Gardens outlet mall be close? I'm going to try Priceline or Hotwire to get a decent place for around $100. if possible.
  8. We're staying in Newark one night, Sept 7, pre-cruise before sailing on the Explorer. I booked a room at HoJo's for $70. but am having second thoughts. I'm wondering if I should try priceline for a nicer hotel. I'm a newbie to price line & hope to keep the price at under $100. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
  9. TravelJunkie1

    San Juan B&B El Canario by the Sea

    My husband & I stayed there in Jan 2005 prior to our Empress of the Sea 11 day cruise. It's not fancy, in fact quite small, but certainly adequate. It was close to the beach and also walking distance to Walgreen's and resturants. You have to take a bus or cab to go down to Old San Juan and see the Fort, etc. As I recall, it's a ways from the airport, but not very far to the port. Hope this helps.
  10. Would you happen to know which motel provides the free shuttle to the ship? We're flying in the day before & haven't seen any motels yet with this service.
  11. TravelJunkie1

    Senior Discount?

    As a result of learning so much from this thread & other related ones on CC, we just saved $300 on our Explorer Sept 8, 2006 cruise. After being informed about the Senior Discount, I called our TA and he found us the savings right away. Thanks, everyone for all the good advice!!!!
  12. For those who have sailed on the Explorer, does anyone recall if there were dance lessons on the sea days? My DH & I sometimes take in a lesson or two while sailing. We have fun, meet other people who like to dance and of course learn some new dances.
  13. TravelJunkie1

    Disembarking out of Port Liberty

    I know that this is a really dumb question, but I've never tried to change a flight before. If I call the airline & ask to change our departure time, will they do it without charging you extra? I think the next dept.time was around 4 or 5 pm. which would be fine rather then having to worry so much about getting off the ship. Thanks so much for the advice.
  14. I have a question to those who have sailed on the Explorer out of Port Liberty in NJ. I've been hearing horror stories on CC regarding how LONG it takes to get off the ship and onto the airport. We have an 11:30 a.m. flight to Dallas. I'm really getting anxious that we'll miss our flight. Has anyone had success at disembarking and making a flight as early as ours? Also, can anyone recommend a nice, moderately priced hotel in the Newark area? We'll we coming in the day before we cruise on Sept 8th. Thanks for any help!!!!:confused:
  15. TravelJunkie1

    final roll call OPERA 2/11

    Hi everyone. My husband & I plan to join this group of Happy Cruisers. If all goes well, we see you on the 11th in the Cotton Club. We're flying in to Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday & plan to board the ship around 11:30 in the morning. Does that seem too early to try to board? Looking forward to meeting everyone, Ron & Donna from Oklahoma City, OK