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  1. Hi BklynBoy8, They've finally moved the Sphere to what I think to be a beautiful and honorary spot in Liberty Park (the elevated park across the street from and overlooking the south side of the 9/11 Memorial Park). It sounds like the Sphere was very important to you. I'm hoping you get to see it there, and approve of its new position. Regards, Steve
  2. Hi Ann, St. Paul's Chapel is just East of the 9/11 memorial site, so figure about a 16 minute walk from the Wall Street Ferry Terminal. St. Paul's Chapel is a very moving place to visit. I haven't been there in a while, but I'm welling up just thinking about it. I'm interested in hearing more about the walking tour you found. Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi Smokey, Good question. I just ran a little test by placing my phone in airplane mode and trying to access the ticket purchase feature, and it appears to work fine. So you should be good. Regards, Steve
  4. Hi Ann, What he said. Plus, you can use a cc at the ticket machine at the ferry terminal, or simply use the NYC Ferry app, which I recommend. It's actually pretty cool, as far as those types of apps go. Enjoy! Steve
  5. steve1young

    Diamond world club 'free lunch'

    Hi Bigmike, The deck plan is actually on the US site, but they sure don't make it very easy to find. LOL. From the Cunard homepage, click on 'Our Ships', then click on 'Overview' for the ship you want to view further, then scroll down a bit until you get to the group of square pics outlined in bronze, then click on the bottom right-hand square for 'Deck Plans'. Then have a drink! You've earned it. Cheers, Steve
  6. The ferry is only a 2-3 minute walk from the cruise terminal. The World Trade Center Memorial is only an 18 minute walk from the Wall Street ferry terminal (a little less than a mile). Hope you enjoy thee museum. I'm a fan of the above-ground memorial space, but I was hesitant to visit the below-ground museum. I finally booked a tour, and found it to be one of the best tours I've taken. It's certainly emotional, but amazingly well done. If possible, I highly recommend booking tickets in advance for a tour of the below-ground museum.
  7. steve1young

    A day in Southampton

    Hi Syracuse, I found these two discussions very helpful in formulating my own Southampton plan. Hope you do too!
  8. steve1young

    Red Hooked

    There's actually a subway station (Wall Street Station, Subway Lines: 2 and 3) just 5 blocks from the Manhattan pier (Manhattan Pier 11 / Wall St.); roughly the same distance from the pier as South Street Seaport.
  9. steve1young

    QM2 meets HMS Queen Elizabeth

    I too was watching her little pirouette on the webcam, and couldn't figure out what it was all about because the aircraft carrier wasn't in the webcam view. Now it makes sense. She sure does look elegant when she 'turns on a dime' like that. :)
  10. steve1young

    QM2 Hamburg Maintenance? October 2019

    Thanks BlueMarble. This is very exciting. I'll be in Hamburg to see her arrive and depart on 27.10.19, and then arrive and depart on 01.11.19 (onboard). If anyone is interested, following are my notes on one of the Hamburg harbor tour companies that runs a 'QM2 Departure Escort' party for most of her Hamburg departures. I'm hoping to do this on 27.10.19. It sounds like a blast. QM2 Departure Escort! • Departure Escort with ‘Gregors GmbH & Maritime Circle Line’, board at St. Pauli Landungsbrücken (Brücke 10), usually 18:30-20:30, €29 • “Begleitfahrt der Queen Mary 2” (Accompanying cruise of the Queen Mary 2) • “Who has not heard the muffled, heavy and unmistakable Tuten of Mary? On board the barge you can feel it even close up in the stomach tingling ... We drive from the Landungsbrücken to observe the depositing maneuver up close. Afterwards we accompany the queen of the seas down the Elbe and swing the handkerchiefs to the passengers high up on the railing.” • Book Online, Cash Bar, Red Boats “Maritime-Circle Line”, maybe ‘Ballinstadt’ • https://gregors-hamburg.de/feste-und-events/highlights-des-jahres/begleitfahrt-queen-mary-2/
  11. steve1young

    When the Three Queens Meet - 11 August 2019

    Pepperrn, I'm not sure if I've expressed to you how much I thoroughly enjoy your sets of Cunard pics on Flickr. If I already have, then please forgive me, but it certainly deserves repeating. And, I'm sure many here feel similarly. I especially appreciate the way you present the pics in continuity. For instance, I can look through your pictures one-by-one on one screen, and follow along 'virtually' walking through the ship's deck plans on the other screen. It really brings the tour to life. Just love it. Thank you so much!
  12. steve1young

    Red Hook to Manhattan Ferry Question

    You don’t have to choose a time when you purchase a ticket, as you will purchase a general admission ticket. If you purchase your ticket on the NYC Ferry app, which is actually pretty swell, you’ll ‘activate’ your ticket on your device just before you show it to the ticket-taker upon embarking the ferry. The ticket will remain active and reusable for a full 90 minutes after activation. Hope you have a wonderful journey.
  13. steve1young

    Guest speakers & celebrity encounters

    I've found that in general, celebrities appreciate being treated no differently than regular people that you meet onboard. They generally don't like to be approached just for the sake of their being a celebrity, but they enjoy engaging with you in the same way you would engage with anyone else you happen to meet on board...in a natural way.
  14. steve1young

    What's Your Favourite Cocktail?

    Thank you, Safarigal!
  15. steve1young

    What's Your Favourite Cocktail?

    Safarigal, Would you be so kind as to please share with us the recipe for the Milky Way Martini?