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  1. Here's the link: https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/life-on-board/Ents_book
  2. 2Oldpeopleinlove, Thank you so much for asking the question. This is an absolutely delightful thread.
  3. Would love to hear more about how this event is being organized, Mandy.
  4. I'll be disembarking in Brooklyn in a few months. My plan is to stay on board for as long as possible...literally until they force me off the ship. Does anyone do that? I'm sure I can't be the only one, but I'll certainly be a very happy one to stay until the last minute.
  5. My understanding from this forum is that 'The Art of Flower Arranging Class' is usually offered by the 2nd or 3rd Sea Day of a crossing. This can be taken as a one day class or a two day class and a fee applies, $50 for two days or $30 for only one day. Each class is 1.5 hours. I've read that the bouquet you create will then be delivered to either your stateroom or your restaurant dining table. I'm in!
  6. Hello Steamboats, Thank you so very much for sharing. I'm truly blown away by your work and that of Franz. Just so fantastic. Your photography skills are incredibly impressive, and you've captured so many great views of the ship that haven't been captured before, or haven't been captured in quite this way. So thoughtful and captivating. Not to mention extensive! I especially enjoyed the link to the 'Food Tour of Chinatown'. Wonderful! Every so often I take friends on my own version of a culinary tour of the Lower East Side. Your tour and my tour have a few sites in common. How fun. I'll definitely incorporate your suggestions in the next version of 'Steve's Most Excellent LES Food Adventure!' And of course, I'll share the credit. I'm enjoying looking through your website and your other wonderful postings. Cheers! Steve
  7. While I personally love the idea of a wonderful full week of being totally disconnected electronically from the outside world, I'm very cognizant that for some that is simply not practical. My wish is for the wifi to be so incredibly solid that folks who require a reliable wifi for work-related reasons can complete those tasks so quickly that they have more time to spend enjoying all that a TA has to offer. And my wish is for the wifi to be so incredibly solid that folks who need to keep in touch with family/friends (especially when children/dependents are staying with relatives/friends, or family/friends are not well) can most effectively utilize app-based telephone communication. BUT, my wish is also that somehow the wifi is miraculously non-existent for folks who are tempted to talk really loud on their cell phone (worse yet...on speaker) while they walk around or lounge in any public space onboard. You can see why I have mixed feelings when hearing that the wifi on QM2 is so-so.
  8. I've read that the cheese offerings in Kings Court are more extensive than MDR. My QM2 notes taken from previous posts: · Kings Court Buffet – “The cheese station was impressive -- and far better than the cheese board served in the Britannia Restaurant -- including several different types of cheese, chutneys, crackers and accompaniments such as a selection of nuts.” Cheeses are portioned by request from the station attendant chef. Cheers/Cheese!
  9. I'm fortunate in that I use a white noise machine for sleeping. In my experience, even on a low setting, it drowns out all other noise, but isn't heard by those in adjacent rooms. I used to lug it around when travelling, but now I simply use a free white noise app on my smartphone. It works just as well. The only downside is that I'm no longer woken up by thunder and lightning storms, which I thoroughly enjoy.
  10. I think the confusion here is around 'usb drive'. To clarify, a usb drive is a thumb drive. I hope that helps.
  11. Hello aungrl, I hope you find this link helpful for more information on these special event voyages. https://www.cunard.com/en-us/cruise-types/event-cruises
  12. If you don’t mind sharing, inquiring minds... 😁
  13. That looks like a champagne tasting flight. Oh Host Hattie...I couldn't be more green with envy if I were Kermit the Frog!
  14. I'm wondering if some Cruise Critic work may have contributed to your low battery, or maybe it's being taken care of by someone else. Either way, I'm very grateful for the work you do on this forum, and hope you continue to have a fantastic voyage!
  15. So sorry to hear about your knee, Stella1250. Here's hoping you still have a wonderful voyage filled with lots of serendipitous moments.
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