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  1. Someone please let me know how the Munster Drill is carried out now on the Queen Mary 2 will it be as normal or do you stay in your cabin and watch it on the TV ?
  2. penlady


    Well, I guess everyone does what they feel is best fort them all I know is this worked great for me I have no complaints about it taking seven weeks now can anyone advise me on Covid insurance? As for using an agency I work in the US Headquarters for one of the business companies in China and I have seen co workers use such agencies and I have seen them panic sometimes.
  3. penlady


    If any of you are awaiting the return of a passport that is being renewed and waiting nervously to see if you received it in time for your date of travel I would like to share my experience with you. I sent in for a passport renewal my application was received July 2nd. at the passport office and I received my new passport today seven weeks later which is very good . And yet my Doctor is going on a cruise in two weeks and still waiting after 10 weeks for her Daughter's passport to arrive. I paid the extra $60.00 to have it expeditated which to me was a great choice and would recommend the service.
  4. Greetings from The USA. I used to live in Scotland...I travel every year now on the Queen Mary 2 with an exception of last year for obvious reasons. I am back on board in November and can say when I step on to that ship it is liking stepping into another world. I cannot even imagine myself going on any other ship now.
  5. You will find room service is good but a little bit of advice if I may give it- if you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning in your cabin either order room service or bring your own. the coffee that is provided in your room for making yourself has got to be the worse coffee i have ever tasted in my life. Myself, I either bring coffee bags or a French press.
  6. Thank you and you are absolutely right now that after I read you post. I guess as long as I feel comfortable it really does not matter what anyone else would think. Never looked at it from that point of view before. I wear stockings every day unless I am home.
  7. Well, maybe not so silly perhaps others have wondered about this also. When, wearing a pair of open shoes in the evening when you are all dressed up when wearing open toe shoes have you ever worn stockings with them or do you wear bare feet I know some women in America that would be horrified if they saw stockings on legs that had open neck shoes. What are your thoughts on this please...
  8. I am booked on the Queen Mary 2 cruise to the Caribbean departing Nov. 21st. and the final payment is due 30 days prior to sailing.
  9. I am also on the Nov. 21st. cruise I agree with you I am so ready for this.
  10. I I have done this cruise twice already and loved it in fact I am booked on the one you mentioned. You will not regret doing this I always tell people that stepping on board this ship is like stepping into another world/planet. If you would like to send me a message I will will respond with my email address and try to tell you somethings about the ship that I enjoy most.
  11. Yes, I saw that also that is why I am concerned. However, I sent it this week expedited so fingers crossed.
  12. Thank you I will check that out. I am in New Jersey and have already signed up for Cunard Care so to date it is still good here.
  13. Hello: Has anyone just recently renewed their passport and if so how long did the process take? I sent mine in yesterday paying extra to have it expediated and just wondering how long the process is taking these days. Also, having booked my cruise for November Cunard informed me that I need to take out Covid Insurance can anyone tell me please how much does this cost and suggest where I can get it. Thank you !!
  14. I booked my cruise today and was asked what time I would like to eat and what size of table and was given a table for six.
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