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  1. Is the downstairs swimming area and patio exclusive to VIP only?
  2. Hi, Im looking for feedback and pictures from the following excursions at Ocean Caye: •Lighthouse Climb •Paddleboard Tour (sunset or daytime) •Ocean Cay Rum Rendezvous Catemaran Adults Only TIA
  3. I will look into that and see what time the tour gets you back. Thanks so much!
  4. I also have reservations on the 1st night. What is the wine special that's offerred?
  5. It's nice, knowing what you are going to spend before you leave. It's nice to have just about everything paid for in advance. I think the fact that it includes bottled water, coconut and vitamin water, and specialty water makes it more than worth it. Mimosas in the Morning, wine with dinner. And also 25% off bottles of wine and champagne.
  6. Please send me your website and contact info 🙂
  7. Thanks. Would we book a tour for DRF or go to the falls on our own?
  8. Is it possible to climb Dunns River and then spend time at Sandals? Any recommendations on tour operators or car service is greatly appreciated.
  9. Is there a tour operator that offers a short or half day excursion to Sting Ray City Sandbar? Would love to get some beach time in. I did Ray's, Reef and Rumpoint every time GC was our Port of Call. It's about time we check out another beach 🙂
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