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  1. What is a "Key"? and yes, it won't be anything bigger than a small roller bag. Pretty much packing bathing suits, a pair of jeans and a couple blouses. That is why I wanted to carry it on. LOL Keeping it Simple!
  2. Freedom of the Seas. Do we need to check in somewhere when we board? How does that work now?
  3. We plan to roll our luggage on the ship because I don't want to wait for it to be delivered. Plus its only a weekend cruise so we won't have much. What time are the cabins usually ready? Our boarding time is around noon, but the ship doesn't sail until 7pm. Are we allowed to drop off luggage near the cabin doors or leave just inside the closet or something? Or will the corridors be blocked off? Any other options other than lugging it around the ship? Its Freedom of the Seas. Thank you!
  4. We checked in at the same time on the app, but my husband and my arrival times are 2 hours apart? Does this matter? BTW, I know my husband loves me, but after 25 years of marriage, I can totally hear him saying "see ya"... boarding without me and heading for a buffet somewhere. 🤣
  5. I have some meds I need to refrigerate. We are in regular balcony cabin. Thank you!
  6. Oh for sure.. This would be like the cherry on top! 🙂
  7. Have the cabin services been modified at all? Do cabin stewards still do bed making, turn down, towel refresh, and all that good stuff? This is my first cruise since 2019 and wondering what has now changed. Thanks!
  8. Just put in a big for a Grand Suite (originally paid for a balcony), but truth be told, I put in the lowest bid. LOL I'm still hoping it will be considered since capacity is down in general. Do I have a chance at all or am I fooling myself?
  9. We do enjoy the specialty dining and have always taken advantage, but is it worth the money for only a 3 night sailing? I'm confused about whether or not its available for lunch too? Thanks!
  10. Just received the at home test kit that RCCL linked us to. I decided to do it because in my city, there is no guarantee I will get the results on a free test back in 48 hours of or less, so I decided to go this route to be safe, and because it was cheaper - My city is charging upwards of $150 per test for a rapid test! 🤯 Our cruise is October 15th and the tests I received expire on October 5th! I called E-Med (the company that administers the result) and they advised the test is good until December. Not sure if I trust this. I thought about returning and ordering a new one, but I'm assuming they may just send the same one again. ?? Anyone else experience this? I'm afraid of a last minute issue.
  11. Im ok with some self guided ideas and love those hop on hop off type trolleys. Can anyone tell me any ideas on the inexpensive side? Ports are: Boston, MA Newport, RI, Bar Harbor, ME Halifax, Nova Scotia St. John. New Brunswick
  12. If so, can guest services hold for us until cabin is ready? Or can we just drop it off in front of our cabin door until the cabin is ready? I would really prefer not to wait until the luggage delivery which can sometimes take many hours. Regal Princess, Sept 28th, Canada New England. Thanks!
  13. I have copied this from my travel summary page. Red text is what I'm concerned about. We land in NYC pretty early, around 10:30am, and planned to go straight to the ship. Will we really not be allowed to board until 2:45pm since we are on the Emerald deck? 😞 PROGRESSIVE CRUISE CHECK-IN INFORMATION To help facilitate a smooth start to your voyage we have implemented a progressive cruise check-in schedule. Please arrive at the check-in time listed below. If you have purchased a Princess Cruise Plus Package/Transfer, your check-in time will be provided at your hotel or the airport. Guests travelling on shared transport or arriving as a group will be checked in together. Priority check-in will be available to guests with Priority Boarding within the allocated check-in times. Boarding will commence shortly after check-in. Please do not arrive prior to the start of cruise check-in as your cabin will not be ready. Once onboard, enjoy a meal at Horizon Court which remains open throughout the day to serve you. 1:00 PM - Aloha & Lido Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with A & L 2:00 PM - Dolphin & Emerald Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with D & E 2:45 PM - Caribe & Riviera Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with C & R 3:15 PM - Baja & Marina Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with B & M
  14. Looking for information on the bathroom amenities. Bar soap or liquid? Is there a decent hair shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer? If shower liquids, is it on a dispenser or small bottles? Anything else? Shower cap, sewing kit? Thanks!
  15. Im very interested in this too! Is it cost effective?
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