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  1. Im ok with some self guided ideas and love those hop on hop off type trolleys. Can anyone tell me any ideas on the inexpensive side? Ports are: Boston, MA Newport, RI, Bar Harbor, ME Halifax, Nova Scotia St. John. New Brunswick
  2. If so, can guest services hold for us until cabin is ready? Or can we just drop it off in front of our cabin door until the cabin is ready? I would really prefer not to wait until the luggage delivery which can sometimes take many hours. Regal Princess, Sept 28th, Canada New England. Thanks!
  3. I have copied this from my travel summary page. Red text is what I'm concerned about. We land in NYC pretty early, around 10:30am, and planned to go straight to the ship. Will we really not be allowed to board until 2:45pm since we are on the Emerald deck? 😞 PROGRESSIVE CRUISE CHECK-IN INFORMATION To help facilitate a smooth start to your voyage we have implemented a progressive cruise check-in schedule. Please arrive at the check-in time listed below. If you have purchased a Princess Cruise Plus Package/Transfer, your check-in time will be provided at your hotel or t
  4. Looking for information on the bathroom amenities. Bar soap or liquid? Is there a decent hair shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer? If shower liquids, is it on a dispenser or small bottles? Anything else? Shower cap, sewing kit? Thanks!
  5. Im very interested in this too! Is it cost effective?
  6. South Florida girl here. I read somewhere that bar harbor temps are on the 40's. Is this correct? I wasn't planning on taking any heavier winter coats or hats/gloves. Do I need to reconsider this? Edited to add.. Sailing in 1 week. Regal Princess 🙂 thanks!
  7. Is it worth it in late September early October? I'm reading the peak season is earlier in the summer, so not sure if we should chance it. I know it's a gamble, but don't want to do it if the odds are too low. Thanks!!
  8. This is always really tough. I've narrowed down to 6, but still wish I could bring less. Hardest part is always finding shoes that go with more than 1 outfit. 9 night cruise coming up. Any tips?? So far I've got: Silver glittery heels for 2 evening dresses Grey nicer wedges for a couple casual summer dresses Red casual wedges for jeans and blouses Beige open toe casual sandals for pants and blouses Flip flops & Sneakers for daytime/pool. I know I'll be spending the majority of the time in the flip flops but cant wear those to dinner..:') :) :')
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