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  1. IT WORKED FOR ME!!!! Just like everyone said, just order three different times!!! Just because I had the time, I did $1000 on each of the last 3 days but my friend did all her SEPARATE orders on the SAME day and got the bonus card on each of them. I did it digitally and she actually called Princess and got it without having to call back each time. The Princess person did both orders. Amazing. And with that, my second cruise this year is paid for because of the $150 bonus cards. My TA will add them to my account on Monday when she gets back. Thank you Cruise
  2. Thank you everyone who has commented on this. It definitely opened my mind up to possibly getting extra money for my cruise I called Princess to confirm “With 3 DIFFERENT transactions but SAME email and credit card, would I get a $50 card with each?” They told me NO But since so many of you have done this and gotten the bonus with each transaction, I assume he is just giving me “the company line?” I guess the worst is try it and see if it works??? I want to buy 3x$1000 so I’d get $150 in bonus again thank you for your thoughts.
  3. Sailing the Grand Princess from San Francisco. Can anyone tell me the exercise classes offered n board and their cost? I know they usually have free Stretch classes but what about classes like Spinning or some sort of strength class? Thank you
  4. I have read all 52 pages of this thread and didn't see this question posed. I am blessed to be on 3 cruises next year. A. Hawaii on the Grand in April - won't go Medallion until 1 MONTH before sailing B. Alaska on Emerald in August - won't go Medallion until 1 WEEK before sailing C. New England/Canada on Caribbean in October - already Medallion I have downloaded Medallion app. Only cruise C is listed (and it is a year away) and it won't let me add A or B - I assume because they aren't Medallion yet? Especially for B, if it only goes Med
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