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  1. I've thought of this, myself, though on a smaller scale. I plan bring a few to leave behind (I mean, it's not a duck, but somebody will probably enjoy it!).
  2. That's awesome, 2wheelin.
  3. I've never heard of a Yellow Bird until now. I looked it up and it seems interesting. How is yours made? (also lol to your "solo kiss")
  4. Wow ... I am a rube. Waiters bringing drinks never occurred to me! This will only be my second cruise, so there's a lot I don't know.
  5. Hi Beerman, My husband and I will be on the Vista in October and this sounds like a good plan. Did you order your drinks from Ocean Plaza or Red Frog Pub, or someplace else? I'm thinking beer and bbq will hit the spot!
  6. Hey Cruise Critic -- thank you for the new photos of the Dream! They are beautiful and make me really excited for the move to my home port of Galveston. Sad I have to wait another year to sail on her, but the Vista will have to do for now. 🙂
  7. Interesting! I did notice that there were chimes prior to announcements (feeling of dread ensued ...), but didn't noticed the pattern.
  8. I'm recently back from my first cruise and loved it, but I have questions. Our cruise director was really, really present on our sailing. Overhead announcements 3 x a day at minimum. Loud and long, morning, noon, and night. But I've read others say they never heard any cruise director announcements and couldn't even tell you their cruise director's name. I know that every ship, crew, and experience is different, but I'm curious - what has your experience been with cruise directors on the intercoms?
  9. Ah ... I took it for the usual dry, sardonic wit. Classic Saint Greg 🙂
  10. Wow. Seriously, we had a touch of PTSD at the sound of the chimes. Our CD made 4 or 5 loud, screechy, rambling announcements daily. Early, late, and naptime.
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