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  1. True that. I am currently being vetted by my employer for a possible self-quarantine for a couple of weeks. Unfun.
  2. Oh no! Looks like you have good weather - and some stunning architecture!
  3. I'm way behind, so you may have said already, but how was this? It looks phenomenal.
  4. Well heck - I'm sorry I didn't realize you were going through this, but I'm glad it appears to be getting better. Still catching up. I arrived home to a family in tears. Our beloved pet died the day before I got home and it's been a rough ride. Take care and safe travels. I'll get back to catching up.
  5. I've read the suggestion to get your funship with a coconut rum floater - I'll have to try it.
  6. And 9:45 I am on the highway. Thanks for coming along with me it was a blast!
  7. Except! I forgot one of my bags ... currently waiting for RCI staff to retrieve it and send through customs. Ugh.
  8. Changed my mind and asked a gentleman with a walkie talkie who sent right out the door to the porters and customs and we are at the shuttle pickup at 9:00. Too fast to even call him to wait for us!
  9. Debarkation by muster station, waiting comfortably in the Centrum. I believe there's a line for Key guests, or at least a place to retrieve our luggage, but we're driving, so I'm in no rush to stand around or go in search of information. When they call our muster station, will go to the theater.
  10. So, we're back. 😢 Final sea day was another trip to the spa, a nap in the sun on the balcony, cards and trivia in the Schooner bar, and an outstanding dinner at Chops. We are having our farewell Key breakfast in the MDR now.
  11. Just lots of hand sanitizer and reminders to wash your hands and don't touch your face.
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