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  1. Bermuda Maritime Operation just posted on their Facebook page: "NORWEGIAN ESCAPE has cancelled call to Bermuda next week (Wed 12th Sept) due to forecasted weather."
  2. Bermuda Maritime Operations just posted this on their Facebook page. "NORWEGIAN ESCAPE has cancelled call to Bermuda next week (Wed 12th Sept) due to forecasted weather."
  3. Another option is to take the EWR Air Train to the Newark Airport station and then take the NJ Transit train straight into Penn Station in New York...from there it's a short cab ride to the cruise terminal. https://www.njtransit.com/rg/rg_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=AirportConnectionsTo
  4. I've always parked at the economy lot right on the airport property. (Lot P6) A shuttle runs to the terminal every 10 minutes and it's only $18 a day. Personally, I don't trust the off-property lots...the neighborhoods they're in are really sketchy.
  5. It's not Midtown, but it's smack dab in the middle of Little Italy....Paesano's on Mulberry Street....my favorite Italian joint in the city. (and yes, it's a small, non-fancy place :D)....the fried ravioli is off the hook.
  6. Yes. The 16-80 is my everyday lens. I am very pleased with it. IMO, it's probably one of Nikon's best lenses.
  7. For Alaska you definitely need a long lens for wildlife shots. Tamron and Sigma both have a 150-600mm lens which from the reviews seem pretty nice. Nikon has a 200-500mm but it's pricier. You'll also need a wide angle lens for landscapes, my personal favorite is the Tokina AT‑X 116 PRO DX‑II 11‑16mm f/2.8. (I got a good used one on ebay for 300 bucks). I would also recommend the Nikon 16-80mm f/2.8-4. It's a great compromise and it's super sharp.
  8. Renting a car is the way to go. As a matter of fact, we're renting a car at each port this time around. Don't like getting herded around like cattle on excursions. Prefer to go at our own pace....AND it's cheaper to boot.
  9. Hey whatever works. If you wanna deal with the traffic into Port Imperial...knock yourself out...not my problem. Like I said, I find JC much more convenient and less stressful than going anywhere near 495 and the Lincoln.
  10. That's actually not at all correct. The Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal in Jersey City will get you to the 39th Street Ferry Terminal just as well as the Port Imperial. It's actually CLOSER to Manhattan than Port Imperial --and-- you don't need to deal with traffic around the 495. As a former JC resident, I've taken that ferry many, many times into Manhattan with no issue. It's a shorter ride than the one from Port Imperial. You can find their weekend schedule here: http://www.nywaterway.com/PaulusHookRoute.aspx As for parking in JC, the Edison Fast parking lot at 155 Montgomery Street allows multiple-day parking and is only a few blocks from the Paulus Hook ferry terminal. It's very easy to drop everyone off at the ferry terminal, drive up to the lot and leave the car and walk back to the ferry terminal (about 12 minutes). You can find info on the parking lot here: https://www.parkfast.com/jersey-city-parking We are staying the night before our cruise at the Residence Inn in JC, and will leave the car in the lot that night (it's a 24 hr lot). The morning of the cruise we'll simply take a cab to the ferry terminal.
  11. Why even bother with the tunnels. Park the car in Jersey City and take the ferry. Saves the hassle and the parking is a heck of a lot cheaper.
  12. Thanks for the correction...I couldn't remember off the top of my head...happens sometimes after 40 :D
  13. Are drinks included in the Vibe pass or is that just to get in door?
  14. Both of those are good, but I prefer Davud Busch's books. They literally cover everything If you prefer watching videos I recommend the "Fundamentals of Photography" course available through Ultimate Courses Plus. It's an educational video streaming service online tht costs about $20 a month and they have a free trial period to try them out. The course is not camera specific but covers a lot of the techniques and art of photography. https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/fundamentals-of-photography
  15. This is a great guide. Goes in to very detailed explanations on absolutely everything your D3400 can do. https://www.amazon.com/David-Buschs-Nikon-Digital-Photography/dp/1681982307
  16. Cruising out of Manhattan in the fall, looking at the possibility of leaving the car at the Port Imperial Ferry Terminal parking. I searched here but the most recent post is from about 3 years ago. Has anyone had a recent experience leaving a car there for a full week? Any idea of the daily rate? Do you have to reserve in advance or just drive in and pay at the machine when you drive out? Any info you can send my way will be greatly appreciated.
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