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  1. The Bimini one would be perfect if it gets you there in time for embarkation.
  2. If not currently they should be by July to help with the cruises.
  3. Two points. Everyone will need to be vaccinated to sail, also there are some great ferry services from Ft Lauderdale to Nassau so you could get there without flying in.
  4. Apparently you are wrong, according to MSC. So either someone dropped a cigarette from a balcony above that lit the lifeboat up or it had a mechanical issue. Glad to hear there were no injuries.
  5. As someone who has worked for multiple cruise lines.....TRUST me when I say HAL charging the ex-crew members who don't even get paid anymore (and BTW are not doing any duties as that would be illegal) is not surprising at all. The things I have seen would make MOST of the passengers who say they love their crews never board a ship again!!! If you only knew.......
  6. Thanks Cheng....always the BEST! So then the question is if passengers or crew test positive between the 72 hours and port arrival....what then?
  7. Well, we'll just have to wait and see if they DID indeed report as they are saying and someone dropped the ball or if they never reported it. The Crown is due in Saturday, we'll have to see how this affects them as well. Also, MANY of those Florida residents he is sworn to protect make a living as a direct result of the cruise lines. So if this gets into a pissing match THEY are the ones that will be hurt the most in the end.
  8. I wonder if the Crown going into port today without pre-reporting illnesses will affect the Crown from going in. I hope not!! Good luck, stay healthy and safe sailing to everyone!
  9. Well, when the Governor has no compassion and tells ships they won't allow them in port the Captain has no choice but to do what he can to take care of HIS crew & guests! You can bet Shoreside knew exactly what he was going to do and gave their blessings. Or he decided he's finished on ships and went rogue. Either way I applaud him. The problem now is if these people took public transport (Uber, taxi, etc...) rather than having proper medical transport to a quarantine. This will be very interesting to follow from all sides. But cruise lines have MADE the Florida port cities what they are..
  10. Disney PLEASE keep us updated. It's amazing here how often the crew is dismissed and forgotten....as former crew I am all to aware of it. Let your friend know there are MANY here that care about them and understand the TOTAL disconnect between shoreside and on-board. Sometimes it's HOPELESS to expect help...but I pray they are not forgotten or abused in this.
  11. Originally they said ALL crew and passengers would disembark at a non-commercial port, be tested and anyone positive would be quarantined. But CNN just reported that the 1100 crew will not be allowed off the ship. No explanation. Wonder what the reason for that would be.
  12. So originally I heard all crew and passengers on the Grand would be disembarked is a non-commercial (Navy?) port, tested and anyone infected would be put in quarantine. I just heard on CNN that now the crew will NOT be allowed off when the passengers are. I don't know if this is because of Visa issues or the US feels the crew can take care of themselves? And what about American crew onboard? Entertainers, cruise staff, etc??? Way too many questions and not nearly enough answers from those in charge...or who are at least SUPPOSED to be in charge. My heart goes out to everyone on that ship tonig
  13. Here's a new report from CNN on this. https://cnn.it/2vwthf1
  14. I hope that actually happens. But I can tell you many crew members who share tips will end up losing out. It's an extremely complicated system that works when all is normal but this will not be an easy situation for them to figure out fairly. Such as, waiters get tips and give some extra to their bussers, bartenders get tips and may share with their barbacks...it's not everyone on every line and sometimes a personal choice...but it gets complicated.
  15. Sadly our US government has said they will NOT be sending any evacuations to help the US citizens onboard and are letting Japan set the rules. So the poor passengers and crew are left to sit there as more and more cases are being reported yet MOST of them haven't even been tested! I think Princess is handling it as best they can as they are also at Japan's mercy but there are some really poor decisions being made that I fear will end up with results no one wants in the end.
  16. I have REPEATEDLY asked folks to remember the crew members who are not only quarantined but have to WORK for no tips and possibly get infected by the very passengers they are taking care of!!! This needs to be paid close attention to! As a former crew member (and paying passenger) I can only imagine what they are going through.Imagine you were at the end of your 9 month contract and finally going home to see your family, your children, your friends and have a well deserved rest before your next contract (or you never want to be on a ship again and just want to be home!) only to be told you wil
  17. The same 3 movies....over and over and over and over and over and over
  18. However some cruisers are being told epidemics are NOT covered reasons to cancel so if you don't have "for any reason" you may be in for a very rude awakening.
  19. So there is an IMPORTANT NOTE here....of the 273 tested that had symptoms only 31 (THIRTY ONE!!!) have been returned and of those 31 10 have been positive! So it's NOT 10 of 273, it's 10 of 31 with all the rest to still have results come back.....BIG DIFFERENCE!
  20. How about the CREW that takes care of you and entertains you and pampers you and feeds you....I would think THEY need more thoughts than anyone....AND they are losing money if there are no passengers to tip!
  21. This was in today's USAToday. RCCL Canceling some cruises due to the virus. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/01/26/coronavirus-outbreak-royal-caribbean-msc-cruises-canceled-china/4581361002/
  22. Having done multiple dry-docks and a new build you would be AMAZED what can come together, literally over-night, on these ships! I have seen whole showrooms look trashed one day, and show ready the next! Three weeks in new build time is an eternity!!!
  23. Many European ports require visas for foreign travelers (passengers and crew alike) so just changing to another country is not as realistic as you think. Even if they got to some of these ports you may not be allowed off without the proper documents.
  24. Considering the cruiseline is flagged in the Bahamas that is the laws they would adhere to. And if someone has outside travel insurance it would be the insurance company that would give compensation, if deserved, not the cruise line. The cruise lines are not the same as land based UK holiday tour companies, and when a passenger signs their contract they acknowledge the cruise line has the right to change ports, itineraries, etc due to weather, safety and more.
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