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  1. I had a good time. Some of the food wasn't very good...
  2. I hope you reported this rudeness. I couldn't get waited on in the steakhouse, no one came to my table and I had to ask.
  3. They stopped using the orange tags.
  4. About $89 a bottle! No one knows if you put some in a cup and go out.
  5. She's the best! Great beaches. I've done this many times.
  6. Holland has a real machine and very, very good popcorn.
  7. On the show Below Deck a woman asked the chef for tongs and the chef was going to give her her shoes!
  8. If you decide to self debark make sure you don't get off with the earlier passengers. Did this once by mistake as did about 4 others. They made us wait 2 hours to get luggage.
  9. They gave me the biggest bowl of pasta I ever saw!
  10. I cheated, knowingly, very quickly taking a few drags. Steward told me no smoking! Didn't again...
  11. I leave my clothes on hangers and just put them in the closet when I unpack. Easy as pie.
  12. I really want to try the Philly cheese steak.
  13. One secret to get through customs faster is to get a porter. He will walk you to the customs desk right away. When will Paradise be in Tampa again?
  14. But not as much fat as these had....
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