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  1. First, I have not been on that extension but it sounds wonderful. Like you, I prefer Viking's extensions as transfers, hotel, and more are taken care of. I do recommend adding an extension to the Provence to Lyon cruise. I did not and found it to be kind of a whirlwind. I think the extension adds a nice buffer before and/or after the high intensity days of the cruise. Our earlier cruises included hotel days at the beginning and end, and I will add them to our future cruises if not already part of the tour.
  2. I was not at the duty free store, just a sundries store near the gate at CDG.
  3. Yes, tips were added to the shipboard bill unless you prepaid them on MyVikingJourney.com. I prepaid about 10 days before we left home, no envelopes and no bill.
  4. 1. My answer to this question is yes, cargo pants are acceptable. My husband and I have worn jeans and sneakers to dinner, well-fitting and clean, even though some here said that does not happen! At meals we were busy meeting people and talking, not really concentrating on other people's clothing. If you worry about not fitting in, you should bring both and decide for yourself. 2. On the chocolate question, I often heard people asking the tour guide for suggestions. They have local knowledge.
  5. Do you have any idea what the purpose of that is? I had to show boarding pass at the store, purchasing a bottle of water, but not at the coffee shop next door.
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