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  1. That is what I assumed must have happened. Nothing to get over, I didn't anywhere indicate that I was angry with you in the least (but was explaining to another poster who questioned it). But so you know CC does not allow for PM so I could not have received your message. Happy Sailing.
  2. I’m cool with it, not sure why @newmexicoNita would care when you post, it sure why it would bother her so much. Also not sure why she quoted my post when mine was 6 months ago and not relevant at all to the comment 🤨
  3. If you will check carefully you will see that you are criticizing the wrong person here Nita. I am not the one who posted 6 months late -that was @Fcris87ibew who just posted not me . My post, please note, was last January at the time of the OP 🙄
  4. Since this seems your post was partly in response to my first one, let me repeat some info as it may be you somehow missed it - the point of my post was less about the specific excursions out of Ketchikan and more about that accidents can happen that could cause someone to be late for a ship as an alternative to the immediate reaction I often see that they are just irresponsible idiots. To be honest, I was about to head to the office and just grabbed an Alaska excursion to put in as an example (forgetting in my rush how obsessive some people in CC can be over the most minor details and the need of some to argue over air. In fact we love Alaska and British Columbia and try to spend extra time there anytime we visit; it is highly unusual in our experience to find arrogant or mean-spirited people in either. But most people aren’t heading to Alaska or BC to kick back - most are seeking small adventures or large ones in areas of relative wilderness (that is after all the attraction for many to the area; that’s not a slander but a fact). We are talking about cruisers here, not your AK or CA average citizen. For example, residents don’t typically pay hundreds of dollars to go up in a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view of the landscape. They aren’t people many people in those areas who, for example, are in their 60’s or who have children with them doing things that they don’t normally do not do in terrain that can be difficult even for those with a great deal of experience with it. My post merely suggested that there are great expanses of wilderness in *many parts of Alaska and Canada* and people visiting can be injured - that is leagues away from suggesting that the port is dangerous. July 11, 2018 - Floatplane crashes near Ketchikan with only minor injuries to 11 aboard. August 17, 2018 - Soldotna Public Safety Dispatch was notified of an injured hiker approximately 2 miles up the Powerline Trail near Flattop Mountain in Anchorage. August 25, 2018 - Soldotna Public Safety Dispatch was notified of an injured hiker on Byron Glacier Trail in Portage Valley outside of Anchorage. August 27, 2019 - A woman received minor scratches after an encounter with a family of black bears on Married Man’s Trail in Ketchikan. May 15, 2019 - Alaska floatplane crash: 6 dead, 10 injured after midair collision. June 27, 2019 - Floatplane with 5 aboard flips in Ketchikan harbor. June 16, 2019 - Alaska State Troopers received a report of two overdue hikers from the Juneau Ice Field. Investigation revealed Kirk Miller, 67 of New York, and Bohdan Petryszak, 69 of New York, were scheduled to return to Juneau by 1800 hours on 6/15/19. The hikers were located alive in a deep ravine with hazardous terrain and a hoist was required as the terrain was too hazardous for searchers to attempt rescue. Maybe your wealth of knowledge of Alaska and Canada is vastly superior to that of my brother-in-law who is a BC native and the AK warden with whom we had a conversation about this issue both areas last June. I doubt that is the case, but we will agree that anything is possible. But it is both rude and unnecessary for you to call people “ignorant” because they hold a different opinion from you (or because you misinterpreted what you read). I do understood that you included others in the name calling, but as for the part about my post you should know that you perceived my statements incorrectly and created a problem where there wasn’t one.
  5. I am sure there are many like that! 😊 But I think that basic empathy should allow us to not make that assumption without more information. There are a lot of irresponsible people, but there’s other things that can happen. Instead of allowing for that possibility so many people with zero real information conclude that those cruisers are just jerks. I don’t know a whole lot about the statistics on pier runners, but I do know a lot about human behavior, and it seems to me fair to at least not immediately jump to the worst opinion of them. I don’t quite understand why so many can’t at least consider the other option.
  6. @reallyitsmema and @frank808 true enough - my main points were less about exactly where they went but instead that (a) it’s too early to judge and (b) there are many far flung places in that area, some of which are quite dangerous. Nighty night! Frank - say hello to our family there in 808 - 90% of my husband’s family remain there 😊
  7. I have no clue what happened and so I am not ready to condemn them without a great deal more info. I try to imagine what I would be feeling in such a circumstance and that makes me a little less anxious to sling arrows (I know, very un-CC of me 🤭). Some of the most popular routes for tourist and excursions from there include going to the Yukon Territory. It’s a good distance from the port and there are a multitude of dangerous areas if you get far off the well-beaten path. My brother-in-law is from British Columbia, and travels a lot in and around that area, and he has told me that many tourist are killed and lost every year in Alaska and the Yukon. Hopefully they are all well and will be able to complete their vacation.
  8. Exactly! DH loves a balcony, usually the bigger the better (even though we don’t use it to a significant degree some days). But with this suite there is actually a huge “balcony” not many steps away (the ship’s deck) and a sun deck just above! But ssssssshhhhhh don’t tell our secret 😉
  9. @reaton clearly there is a conspiracy afoot 😂😹 @Lionesss really enjoyed your spirited review. Yeah, they don’t let us choose the spouses of our siblings or our children and they really, really, really SHOULD 🙅🏼‍♀️
  10. The original offer was for both ships (a 3rd as well, I don’t now recall). We just didn’t have the extra time, but they send yet another email with only Empress cruises and I though maybe I could find the time. Since those cruiser weren’t even showing up on the RCL site my guess was there was zip left but the smallest cabins in the worst locations. But I was flirting for a short time with the possibility. Now had an upgrade been available that would be great, but then I might also be on the hook for some deposit? Maybe the next offer... I hope so! But now I have the bug - I would go to Tunica, but the thought of driving 6 hours...😳
  11. Thanks for that info George. This would have been on the Empress (I think some Majesty sailings were also part of the original offer). Those interior cabins get some horrible reviews and it sounds like they might be too small for 2 person comfort to any real degree. While I suppose I could go alone and spend days just randomly roaming and hitting the casino, that doesn’t sound like it would be worth losing a week’s income! Maybe next time it will be more workable.
  12. Maybe it was because the change was relatively recent, but it is definitely a full suite (and we paid lots more than those who purchased just before the change so pricing is reflecting the new status). But as to the tags, we had friends on our cruise last month who had VIP on their tags and they were in a 2 br grand suite and were also Pinnacles. Seems then as if VIP is likely at least an equal status? to the OP - Just email the concierge yourself if you don’t get an email. On our last cruise we received one but 2 couples we knew also in suites did not. If you are in the roll call for your cruise one of those cruisers could also forward it to you if you you do not get yours. Have fun! @Ashland we will try to keep it in tip top shape for you (we are in the exact suite at Thanksgiving 😬)
  13. And @Lionesss Ok, so now I am curious! We had this odd little “friendship” (not sure what else to call it) on the Allure with a older, solo female pinnacle. My joke had been that I came upon my career because I can charm a curmudgeon (at least in person 😂) and people tend to talk to me easily and habitually tell me things “they have never told anyone.” This was one of those times - she was not a woman who was warm, but did warm up to us that week for some reason. I wonder if it’s this same woman.... Of course the woman in the story almost seems unreachable even by people making significant effort and thus it may be a. entirely different person. That said - the woman we met had darkish hair and was rather shorter side (we are tall, so this might be an issue of relativity). She also insisted on the same table each evening (one that was to the right as you entered, near the front; it is in the seating that has many 2 person tables with a chair on one side and the couch seating against that right wall on the other). She was clearly well known and everyone did cater readily to her. P.S. We love the concierges on the Allure. And if there is danger nearby while I am on the Allure, I am going to hide behind one of them (with the other one) 😬😂 The are professional and effective.
  14. I’ve got another email with an offer for a free cabin on an upcoming cruise (not a certificate). I am trying to figure out how I could possibly swing goIng because my husband is just not going to be able to go and I’m not sure if one of my friends or sisters may be able to (although I think only the sister who is an MD in FL might be able to manage it). While I could go alone, that isn’t really my thing. 😕 My question is: What if I book this cruise and then no one can’t shake loose at work and I cancel? I just don’t want to be punished by RCL or by Casino Royale for canceling and taking that slot. I certainly don’t want to diminish my chances of them sending me free offers like this in the future (since those could arrive when DH and I are both available)! So I’m just trying to decide whether I should go ahead and book a cabin knowing there’s a 50% chance that I will need to cancel. Knowing the likelihood of them punishing me for a cancellation (by not sending more) is a big part of me being able to do that calculation. Thanks!
  15. If no one already said so, there could be an additional deposit (if in a suite, likely $250 more). I added my sister to our oceanview panoramic suite for this Thanksgiving about 2 days after we booked it. It was not a problem (and at the time, the price wasn’t huge either).
  16. Going to agree 10000%! I have no idea who came up with an itinerary, but it’s terrible. You get there too late to do anything and leave too early the next day to do much. We basically had to pay someone extra on that first day to come from the other side of the island (after their regular tour of the day) to give us a mini tour that evening. The second day was a Sunday - very little was opened in Hamilton and we didn’t have a lot of time to see much regardless (especially given Sunday ferry options). We won’t do that particular itinerary ever again (although we will return to the Grandeur).
  17. Underpacked?!?! 😳😱😣 Forgot stuff?! 🥺 Are you trying to create panic? 🤣😂 We distribute the effort – I collect everything we need (and more), make sure it’s all ready, determine what I need to take clothes wise (have it ready), and tell him which clothes need to hang. He decides what clothes that he takes and he packs everything (perfectly, how do you say it was a Marine Corps training but frankly I think he’s just that organized guy). As with every good marriage, everyone is doing something and what they do best 👍🏼
  18. I can only speak to the delivery options for bungalows and cabanas - I so wish that there had been a veggie burger, but I didn’t see one listed when we were there last month. There was a regular hamburger, there was a turkey burger, there was shrimp ceviche and mixed fruit as sides. There was also at least one salad, I remember a Caesar. You can always go over to a buffet as that they may have more options, but it was a long distance from where we were at South Beach. * I believe Coco Cay opened at 8 or 8:30, but I am sure that there was no breakfast served.
  19. “MUST” as it it’s important.👍🏼 I was repeating the words as I remembered them. Pretty sure no one thought you forced us 😬
  20. Same! We now have taken a guest room (affectionately referred to as “the cruise room”). Since we jump around some with destinations, we can’t keep too many clothes there, but all the cruise “accessories” like sunscreen, snorkeling equipment, etc; the luggage, and the formal wear stays in place. As for a half hour packing for the cruise, I cannot see that happening in my world is a still overpack and we usually travel with 4 cases. But that’s amazing if you can! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  21. I’m glad you had a great time! But like you, we have to make our own determination about what is the most likely bang for the buck money and time-wise. As a researcher, I do my best to make that evaluation as objective as possible. But since most of the data we all must use is human opinion (swayed by every possible variable and the least objective data passive) coming up with the right decision is dicey at best. I would hate to miss out on a great cruise due to bad reviews and I would hate to waste my money on a bad cruise but relying on good reviews. So while we all make mistakes in those decisions, we all do our best in balancing the evidence!
  22. Hmmm where are you seeing that I said that you made us?! 🧐😂 I think you may need glasses Delta! Ah well, I am headed to bed 😊 Later!
  23. Of course not, I didn’t suggest otherwise. There are many more negatives responses that I have seen than positive ones over time and various boards and posts and my point was that I take them all seriously. We are trying to make a good choice for our family as anybody else would since we work long hours and aren’t close to retirement - we just don’t want to waste the time we have with cruises we would find disappointing if at all possible.
  24. I am sure that would make a difference in perceptions - all our cruises on NCL have been in the Haven and I feel sure there would be some differences in how we see those cruises for that reason alone. While we would like to try the Yacht Club, we are very reluctant at this point since the reviews definitely sway to the negative even though there are some genuine raves among those (we learned our lesson the hard way on the NCL Epic so we now do not assume the negatives are just from extra picky cruisers) 🤦🏼‍♀️
  25. Our first voyage on the Grandeur, a very nice lady who goes by @DELTABLUE here said that we must meet her in the Viking Lounge for the sailaway (even though we normally watch from our cabin’s balcony). Once we were underway we understood why - we had a front row and close-up seat to an amazing show!
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