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  1. Over Christmas shows were at 7:30 and 9:30. They lasted about an hour. We usually arrived about 7 and were some of the first to arrive and the drink waiters would take care of us right away!
  2. Thanks for all the great answers! Just a few more teaching days and then we're off!!
  3. We leave in less than a week and I'm hoping for some help to the silly questions that keep popping up in my head. 1) Is there a place to get waffles on the Edge? I know on a previous Celebrity Cruise I didn't find them till near the end of the cruise and I want to be better prepared this time! 2) In looking at daily events that folks have posted I'm wondering about the timing of shows with the set meal times. We have late seating traditional dining because that works best for my folks who are taking us on this cruise to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. I see that shows seem to start at 7:30 and 9:30. Are the shows short enough that we can get to our dinner if we go to a 7:30 show? I know I said 2, but also... We have the premium drink package, and my cruise goal is to expand my palate (we all need goals, right?) Any favorite drinks and/or bars would be great o hear about! Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for the quick replies! This really helps!
  5. We are about to book a cruise and since it has been a while and things change so fast I have a couple questions! 1) If you get the drinks package as a perk do you have to pay gratuities on it in addition to the $14/day charge? 2) What is the max price of included drinks? 3) If you want a drink that is more than the max price can you just pay the difference? 4) If you don't get the drinks package as a perk, must all adults in the room buy it? Thanks for any advice!
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