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  1. For our cruise in Nov. 2020, under excursions, the daybeds are shown twice. One as South Beach Daybed and the other as just Daybed. Are they putting more in another location? Would it be better than South Beach? And, the price shows price as "per adult", which total would be over 500$ Can anyone clarify for me?
  2. That post was over 10 years ago. I don't think you'll get a response.
  3. Im looking for our 1st Celebrity cruise as Diamond. I'm confused on if we are able to enter a club lounge for the happy hour drinks and access to a specialty coffee machine for our latte and mocka (or even access all day?). I did look at the loyalty program emenities on Celebrity website. No tik beside clubs, but tiks beside happy hour/3drinks on card and "coffee bar" (?). Can anyone claify for me?
  4. There's a free luggage valet service. It’s called Port Valet and it will allow cruise guests disembarking their ship after a cruise and heading to the airport to go “luggage free.” You don’t have to carry around luggage if your taking a post-cruise day tour or just exploring on your own around the Seattle area for the day. Your luggage heads straight from the ship to your airline at the airport and is checked in. Because Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (also known as Sea-Tac) and the Port of Seattle are run by the same authority, this can help expedite passenger service between the two. Thus, the group is able to offer the courtesy Port Valet service as follows. Passengers complete an enrollment form onboard their ship. You'll then receive airline boarding passes and luggage tags in your stateroom or suite onboard. The ship’s crew will pick up the luggage the night before disembarkation. Guests can look forward to a hassle-free disembarkation the next morning. Luggage is sent from the pier to Sea-Tac Airport via a secure truck and delivered directly to the guest’s airline. So there is no need for the passenger to check those bags at the airport. When guests arrive at Sea-Tac with boarding passes in hand, they simply proceed to the security check-in to reach the gate. Cruisers can track their bags at portvalet.maketraveleisier Participating airlines include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Horizon Air, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines. The only fees that passengers would pay would be any normal baggage fees an airline may charge for either checking a bag or excess baggage.
  5. Correct. My husband rented a scooter and then bought one of these chairs. He is thrilled with it! Much better than the scooter. Turns on a dime, less space taken up in elevator, comfortable to sit at a table or in the theatre, can put aside if he wants to sit in a dining chair or theatre seat, batteries are only 6 pounds (3 each) to make it easy to bring on cabin plane (because they are lithium) when he folds it for it to be stored in the belly when he rides right to the plane door, it is a total of 53 pounds, have never run out battery in ports and if it does then I can free-wheel push him like a regular wheelchair.
  6. will get back to you for March. will be there next week.
  7. Thank you for your clarification. Yes, I did mention the limited port sites and that most benefits to see are on a tour of the island. I saw it...it was lovely...so I will spend time on ship this time.
  8. 2 women from ship robbed in Serenity Park, 4 blocks from port, last month. And 4 days before that, locals were robbed at gun point.
  9. We have done Western once (too humid), eastern 4 times (a bit drier heat, but still too much for me), and Southern, ABC islands, twice (Love! its just the right amount of breeze with the warmer temperature, making it seem cooler). If you prefer leaving rom American port rather than San Juan, do this one out of Miami or Ft Lauderdale that RCCL does as a 10 or 11 day on a Radiance class ship. Southern is good any time of year, with tempuratures staying around 83 degrees, but feel cooler because of breeze.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNF1OSMCd9E This will be your cabin. The balcony is wider than the standard and has no edge to go over when you go out.
  11. We did Cosol Tours 8 yers ago because I did my research and found there not to be much in port. Now I read about how crime has took over close to port, so this time we may just stay on the ship. If you take a tour, you pretty much get to see everthing there is there.
  12. Oh contraire.....my husband has a motorized wheelchair and we have been on Explorer OTS-Seattle, Oasis OTS-Port Canaveral, Bliss-Vancouver. ALL had handicap checkin with us being on the ship within 10 minutes (before his device was purchased, we got same handicap treatment with my PTSD, on RC, HA, Princess). ALL had a bar/lounge that handicap went for muster, with lots of room and no "huddling". EVERYONE was pleasant and courteous with their mobile devices.
  13. We are in accessible cabin and received an email for upgrade bidding on each of our 2 cruises coming up. I don't see how they can offer us a better cabin for disabled, ...or can they? I don't want to take that chance. Why can't they have their computer programmer program it accordingly and not send an offer? Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  14. My husband used the smaller model in Falmouth and loved it. They have it delivered to your cabin and it fit through the door of a regular balcony cabin.
  15. My husband just purchased this and we have cruised 3 times nad flew 4 times with no issues. https://www.thetravelbuggy.com/product/city/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl9HewfSw4AIVQ9bACh2-8QDsEAYYASABEgI46PD_BwE
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