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  1. Don’t want this to sound sarcastic but the sailing capacity for each cruise will equal the number of rooms they can book. There is no way to really know what it is until you board as that’s not public info that you can find out in advance So it might be 50% or 100% or in between
  2. Does anyone know how to find out this kind of information before your cruise ?
  3. OP here. Thanks for all the feedback . We plan to make the final payment and hope for the best. We are anxious to get away and start to try to get back to vacation normal . Our biggest concern will be what happens in St Thomas and if they require us to be on a bubble tour or if we can roam around on our own. My DW has a favorite jewelry store that is a large reason for booking this cruise and would be quite disappointing if we couldn’t get to that store
  4. If this is for sailings through Oct 2021, will they extend this ?
  5. Traveling on Caribbean Princess in Jan 2022 and final payment is coming up in October Stops include St Thomas and St Kitts Wondering in Jan 1) is this cruise still going to sail 2) will I have fo wear a mask everywhere 3) will is make my port stops and can I roam around on our own in St Thomas Should we pay and stay the course ?
  6. what assurances did you ask about that couldn’t satisfy ?
  7. What’s amazing to me is why don’t the cruise lines make testing available on the day of the cruise. If they want and need this test to be done, why not offer those tests to its passengers . I mean they are testing everyone as they get off the ship so why not.
  8. We are Platinum on Carnival and used to cruise with them all the time when we traveled on cruises with our kids. But now that they’re all grown up and we cruise ourselves , we’ve discovered Celebrity and Princess and prefer those lines much better
  9. It’s interesting to me how many here fret over traveling to these level 4 countries when they already live in a level 4 state and have no issues getting in their vehicles and going to a public place. To me it’s the same thing and if you’re vaccinated, wear a mask and keep social distancing as much as possible, no one should sweat about visiting a level 4 Caribbean island and getting off a ship and exploring. Just practice safety first and enjoy yourself. No brainer And if your not vaccinated and don’t wear a mask, then that risk is all on you
  10. Really no reason to pick one over the other. Like them both and have Princess booked in Jan 2022 and Celebrity Mar 2023.
  11. Has anyone received an Antigen test near Ft Lauderdale port on the day before a cruise ?
  12. My precious Princess experiences go back some time but at that time food was good and entertainment was very good. We especially liked the London Pub night but I’ve heard they may have gotten rid of these (which is a shame). Going to try Princess again in Jan 2022 We travelled on Celebrity Edge last March (just before Covid) and absolutely loved it. Food was fabulous and shows were OK. I liked their live music choices around the ship . Either way you go will be a good choice We have Platinum on Carnival but now that we’re older , we’re discovering a much nicer cruise experience exists on Celebrity and Princess
  13. In my company, working from home is a privilege and as such, it is expected people have good Internet to be able to do their jobs effectively (including ability to join Teams meetings). Unfortunately based on past experience, the only reliable Internet on a ship occurs at 2 or 3am so this definitely wouldn’t work for my employer. Take vacation days and enjoy the cruise. I will reiterate a past comment that “Working sucks and vacation is fun and you should never let those 2 worlds collide”
  14. Not on a cruise but was supposed to fly that day at 4:30pm to San Antonio for a company meeting/golf event. Needless to say the event was quickly cancelled and we never made the flight.
  15. If this is the policy, I’m ok with it. It could be a lot worse. It used to bother me about wearing a mask on vacation but quite honestly, the longer this pandemic lasts, the more I’m realizing that we are in a new world and it’ll be with us for a long time. So why fight it. It’s helping to protect our fellow humans. We are embracing it and making the best of it
  16. So what’s the policy at port stops? If you’re vaccinated, can you leave the ship and explore on your own ?
  17. Was your cruise on Saturday ? Did you travel a day before or on the day of your cruise ?
  18. i couldn’t imagine any airport where one needs to be 3-4 hours before an international flight. Personally I would think you’d have plenty of time to get tested, wait for the results and get to the airport with a 1:30pm flight
  19. On a different note, if the rule is 2 days prior to sailing , and one plans to fly in the day before the cruise , it doesn’t leave any Lea way to get tested so are people getting tested in their home state 2 days before or near the port the day before (or both)
  20. I also found that out this morning on a different thread. If your home country requires PCR test like Canada, Princess will test you after you’ve cleared customs and gathered your luggage and results will be given in approx 60 minutes
  21. Thanks. I didn’t read it thoroughly and stopped when I saw Antigen. My bad
  22. Thanks but Canada makes it clear that they want a PCR test, not an antigen test. People have been fined many thousands of dollars for coming into the country with the wrong test. They make it crystal clear a Rapid Antigen test is not allowed This concerns me greatly
  23. Just curious is the test that cruise lines are doing 24 hours before debarkation is a PCR test ? Reason for asking is that Canadians need to do a PCR test within 72 hours of arrival back in Canada so if they fly back right after the cruise, likely the only test that they can do within the 72 hour window is the cruise test they would need for Canada entry
  24. I hope they allow the home test kit as the PCR test at a clinic is quite the challenge (as we’ve learned from planning to go to Canada this weekend and also having a 72 hour rule). The challenges are: a. Some places don’t have PCR test kits available b. You need to book early as testing facilities have online signups and limited spots c. Some places say results in 3 to 5 days so precise planning is needed as you don’t want to test to early or late
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