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    You don't need to wait. Just call the hotel to confirm the reservation. Very easy.
  2. janetz

    Quick SW Question

    Thanks everyone :)
  3. janetz

    Quick SW Question

    I am understanding that if you are flying with children, you board right after the A line? No need to purchase EB? Thanks ahead. :)
  4. janetz

    New To Southwest - Early Bird Question

    I will never purchase EB again unless I can not check in at the 24 hour mark That happened to us. B position after paying for EB. I contacted SW and they refunded our money. Now I check in at the 24 mark and always have an A position.
  5. janetz

    Where some good places to eat

    Sun, Sand and Surf Under the Hilton Beach Resort Excellent!
  6. Marriott St. Kitts On the beach, huge pool with swim up bar All loungers on the beach have wonderful cabanas over them that block the sun We paid 35.00 pp :) That was the price quoted to us when we called. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2528379&highlight=marriott
  7. janetz

    Classic Drink Pkg.

    We paid the difference. It was cheaper then upgrading :)
  8. Crooners Bar has the piano. :)
  9. janetz

    Regal Princess 10-26 to 11-5

    We were on the cruise. Not to many children but I remember seeing that red hair! :D
  10. janetz

    Alcoves -- Worth the Price?

    They need to face the water..:)
  11. janetz

    Thoughts On Regal

    Interesting comments. The new access they put on our cabin door scans the card. You do not insert it as before. We did have a few nights going to the MDR at 6;30 when I service was fine. Slow to me is 2+ hours. :)
  12. janetz

    The Sanctuary vs. Cabana rental

    He is very kind and wants everything to be perfect for you. :)
  13. janetz

    Thoughts On Regal

    Yes, of course all of it is subjective depending on what you expect from a cruise. With that said, with all the great reviews we were excited to sail the Regal. We had a great time but as stated a few things happened. When we could not get into our cabin I went down to guest services and DH stayed in the hall by our cabin to see if someone would come by. I waited no less then 30 minutes in line, when DH came down to tell me a cabin steward had unlocked the door. The card is no longer inserted, you scan it. They had activated my card, but not his which is the one we used. Here again, no communication about this at all before hand from anyone. We had a better experience on the Royal which is the sister ship to the Regal. Funny, thinking about it, we sailed the Oasis before the sister ship Allure and felt the same way. :D
  14. janetz

    Thoughts On Regal

    Just off the Regal Sunday and wanted to post a couple of thoughts. We booked two massages online and I printed the reservation and took it with us. After, they tried to charge us the rate they had listed which was 40.00 more for one of them. I showed them my print out and the price was honored. I would bring a print out of anything you reserve ahead. The stone loungers in the Enclave were heated..:) For our 10 day cruise the price was 199 each. We had anytime dining and service was very slow after 6:30. Forgotten coffee and tea with desert... Food is subjective, but for us the MDR on the Regal was not as good as on the Royal Drilling on the top deck started at 7am, until just after 9am, then on and off during the last 3 days. The last evening they started changing the cabin access for medallion I believe We went up to our cabin at 11:15pm to find we could not get in. We were not warned ahead of time which was very annoying. We had a good cruise but it was the first with a few glitches. :)
  15. janetz

    The Sanctuary vs. Cabana rental

    Just off the Regal on Sunday. We boarded in group 3 after elites and headed up to the Sanctuary. Reserved two half a days (sea days) without a problem. One person was ahead of us when we arrived. We had a call the day after and was told one day was double booked by accident, so they moved us to another area and also gave us use of the cabana. Which was VERY nice of them to do. DH enjoyed watching a football game. :)