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  1. Thanks all Great info!! 😊
  2. Yes i have the article in my email Just have to figure out how to link 😊
  3. And now can not find the link. Ugh I first heard of this from friends we cruise with. They have a Alaska cruise booked for June and they told us that was one of the new quide lines. They are under 65, we are not I will ask where he received his info 😊
  4. I have read on another site (Bloomberg)that when cruising resumes people over 65 will be separated from those 65 and under onboard? Does anyone know? Thanks ahead 😊
  5. Yes thanks. I knew that 😊
  6. Thank you Our cruises on Princess have been CB, Royal and Regal 😊
  7. Hi all Looking at a 10 day Panama for late Feb/March One choice, Crown Princess Any thoughts on this ship? Thanks ahead 😊
  8. I believe this will be the case also
  9. Yes I believe they have cancelled thru July Pisted in another thread
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