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  1. janetz


    Hi all Considering the Edge for December DH and I enjoy good food, entertainment Love Celebrity… Share your likes and dislikes Thanks ahead!! 😊
  2. We were so looking forward to getting onboard again Not happening with these restrictions. So disappointed ☺️
  3. Heard that on the news this am Pricing is lower for this year then next Thinking of jumping on the 9 night Equinox at the end of October, 😊
  4. Just can’t decide if January is a safe bet.
  5. Our current TA offer on an Apex cruise Jan 22 200 OBC another 300 obc free drinks free WIFi free Grads 2 specialty dinning another 50 obc Why would I book with Celebrity? Obstructrd balcony, just under 2,500 Have always used a TA
  6. Lol When I was 19 I climbed Diamond Head 😊
  7. I think someone posted a link to Johns Instagram page but then the thread was immediately shut down 😕
  8. This was a bad as it got at Daytona beach last night. Great sky, hardly any rain IMG_3793.MOV
  9. Amen! Well said 😊 None of this status talk, I have, you have really matters at all Who even cares!
  10. For DH and I just wrapped up 2 months with family in Mass Mass is in a good place Driving thru Penn right now, headed home to Daytona beach 😷
  11. Just over 60 minutes for us We don’t mind driving to Fll or Miami
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