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  1. Our Cruise for 26th July was cancelled last week. Only paid my deposit and for one excursion, got £440 to come back. Not massive money but to me and my family at the moment its money we need. Anyway went on Cruise personaliser last night and its still showing my Cruise as if its going ahead, so out of interest i looked for excursions and it was allowing me to book them. I got right down to the payment and i believe it would have let me book one.UNBELIEVEABLE
  2. Logged into my cruise personaliser this morning. Managed to cancel the excursion i booked for my July cruise. I recieved a cofirmation E-Mail moments later saying " You're refund has been applied as on board credit" ... Well sorry i don't want on board credit i want my cash back... further down the e-mail it says " to request a cash refund click here"... but there is nothing highlighted to click on. Why is nothing ever straightforward?
  3. So i can opt for the future cruise credit and that just sits in my P&O account until i book something or it expires?
  4. Hi Terriorjohn, i don't want a new booking. I have got a cruise booked for next year and i can't afford another one before or after then. So losing my deposit is my only option at the minute, although i can't see why you can't transfer your deposit to an existing booking
  5. Agreed Andy, i see the only way is to lose my deposit.
  6. So do i pay the balance and hope P & O cancel? No way am i paying 4 grand in the current climate. I have a Cruise booked for next August with P&O but i can't transfer my deposit over to that one and there is no way i can afford to go on a cruise the year after. So losing my deposit is the only way forward for me as i see it.
  7. We are due to Cruise on Azura 26th July. We have more or less resigned ourselves to the fact we won't be going. Our Full balance is due 27th April, not a chance we will be paying the 4 grand we owe. Happy to just lose our deposit. We booked one excursion for £226 and i have been trying to cancel this everyday for the last 3 week but to no avail. I find it disgusting that its still sayin error on the system. And you can't cancel. Come on P & O get this sorted.
  8. A couple of questions,we are sailing on the Azura 26th July...We have paid £250 deposit and our remining £4000 balance is due April 12th. We have no intentions of cancelling and the added £400 OBC is a nice bonus... 1. If P & O cancel the cruise, do we get our money back in full? 2. If we miss a shore stop and we have booked an excursion do we get our money back? 3. We have a Sea view cabin, what are the chances of an upgrade?
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