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  1. Dates are good but I really want to stick to 7-day and SEA RT. The convention will pay for us to fly in and out of SEA. No car would be needed. The convention is Sept 30-Oct 1. It's a mechanical engineering convention held for college students. So if we were to cruise Sep 20-27, that would be perfect. Would give us 3 days free time in Sea. Possible time for a day tour to Mt Rainer. We may have enough Marriott points to cover 3 nights hotel. And we would still have our summer camp open so getting back to NY to close, that is a must. Thanks for looking!!!
  2. I just found an Alaska sailing on Quantum that the dates fit around a convention we have in Seattle, Sept 2021. Itnerary is Seattle, Juneau, Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, Sitka, Victoria, Seattle. I would love to see Alaska but won't have the finances to do 14 day cruise/land tour. So I figured a peek is better than none. How do you like these ports? Should I look for something to include Ketchikan, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier? How is Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier? Suggestions and opinions appreciated. Thanks, Kaye
  3. Thank you!!! I have been trying to remember which Princess ship I saw these on. Is this the only ship that has them? And only 2 in the aft section of the ship? These look like awesome balconies!!!
  4. Did it come up with a price? I tried that this morning but when I asked for a specific cabin, the message came back that I had timed out and to start over. I am at work so it might be firewalls blocking me. I will try from home later. Thanks, Kaye
  5. No big deal. We have already spent our vacation money for 2020. January was Myrtle Beach, Feb was cruise and March was Hawaii. We are trying to open our summer camp but the NY weather is not cooperating!!!Oh and then Myrtle again in November. We have a convention in Seattle Sept 30 to Nov 2. I am always trying to scheme how to fit a cruise in somewhere...LOL. Drive hubby crazy!!!! But I used to be a TA so it's in the blood. Gotta go go go....Kaye
  6. First off, I am new to Holland America. I am starting to look at Alaska cruises. Also new to Alaska. I want to cruise late in September. I am trying to price the aft cabins but they do not come up as a choice for balcony rooms. The next category is suites. So not sure where to find them on their website. Also I am looking at September 2021. It says final payment is due in June but does not say which year. Would it be 2020 or 2021? Thanks everyone
  7. What is the weather like in late September? Like the last cruise out for the season? Thinking of tacking on a cruise to a convention we have in Seattle. Other alternative is to fly into SFO, rent a car to Seattle and see NW America. Opinions appreciated. Thanks, Kaye
  8. Friends of mine also do this. The boat they chartered was destroyed also. They were back in January 2020 for the first time since the storm.
  9. Do all Celebrity cabins on Equinox have bathrobes?
  10. We have C1 veranda next week. Do you know if there are bathrobes in that class of cabin?
  11. Has anyone done this excursion thru Celebrity. Looking for opinions. What exactly does it entail? My 24 year olds' want to do this so Mom wants to know if it's safe. Is it strenuous? Do I need to be with them? Thanks...
  12. We will see you in FLL. I will be getting on as you are getting off. Looking forward to your read!!!
  13. Opps sorry. I did post it under Cozumel also. Thanks for checking on me!!!!
  14. Has anyone done this excursion? We will be on Celebrity. Does this excursion take place on mainland Mexico? Is it safe to go over there? Kids are 24/25 and Mom is nervous already!!! Thanks for any info, Kaye
  15. I might have spelled that wrong. Celebrity had an excursion to this place. My question is only of safety. Does this excursion take place on the mainland? Had anyone done it? Are there any safety issues that a mother should be worried about? Kids are 24/25 and want to go. I am already nervous.....Thanks, Kaye
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