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  1. What is the weather like in late September? Like the last cruise out for the season? Thinking of tacking on a cruise to a convention we have in Seattle. Other alternative is to fly into SFO, rent a car to Seattle and see NW America. Opinions appreciated. Thanks, Kaye
  2. Friends of mine also do this. The boat they chartered was destroyed also. They were back in January 2020 for the first time since the storm.
  3. Do all Celebrity cabins on Equinox have bathrobes?
  4. We have C1 veranda next week. Do you know if there are bathrobes in that class of cabin?
  5. Has anyone done this excursion thru Celebrity. Looking for opinions. What exactly does it entail? My 24 year olds' want to do this so Mom wants to know if it's safe. Is it strenuous? Do I need to be with them? Thanks...
  6. We will see you in FLL. I will be getting on as you are getting off. Looking forward to your read!!!
  7. Opps sorry. I did post it under Cozumel also. Thanks for checking on me!!!!
  8. Has anyone done this excursion? We will be on Celebrity. Does this excursion take place on mainland Mexico? Is it safe to go over there? Kids are 24/25 and Mom is nervous already!!! Thanks for any info, Kaye
  9. I might have spelled that wrong. Celebrity had an excursion to this place. My question is only of safety. Does this excursion take place on the mainland? Had anyone done it? Are there any safety issues that a mother should be worried about? Kids are 24/25 and want to go. I am already nervous.....Thanks, Kaye
  10. I don't know what honest tea is but when I go anywhere I bring Cold Brew teabags. Get plain water and carefully put teabag down in (so it doesn't break) I drink this all day at home. Glass of ice on the side keeps it chilled.
  11. I have read the comments and still feel that it would be a positive happening. Spur of the moment. It encourages singing along, meeting new people and chilling out for awhile. It might be the most memorable afternoon spent on one's vacation. I think an outdoor venue would be great. Calming music, beautiful ocean views, maybe a glass of wine....or bottle!!! Blue skys and calm seas
  12. I brought mine on board back in 2006. RCCL Explorer. Bro ought dress too and had pictures done on the ship
  13. Are there any ships doing Alaska that have ocean view cabins with floor to ceiling windows? Prices seem pretty high right now so we may have to back down to ocean view. I am mainly interested in the latter part of September 2021. Thanks
  14. Did not know they did this??? How does one find out about charters?
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