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  1. Yes, but it is located in the buffet area on the lido. I miss the tandoor restaurant carnival used to have :(
  2. 1) the casino actually wasn’t very crowded. It did get a little busier after dinner on some nights, but much less crowded than I remember cruise casinos to be. 2) I didn’t try the new seafood place, but I did notice that a ton of people were buying food from there, so I’m sure it’s good! 3) honestly all the shows were a let down. Definitely don’t check out the welcome aboard show. It was mostly just the cruise director talking and 12 minutes of singing and dancing that was mediocre at best. Carnival should invest in better performers and also better scripts. Hope you have a great cruise!
  3. Yes, we did use the internet services. My sister purchased the value plan, and she said that there were some points when the internet did not work at all, but overall the speeds were ok. She said it was better than expected. My friend had the social plan and the speeds were about the same.
  4. Yes, they still allow kids on the aft pool. I definitely think that Carnival should create an adults only pool.
  5. My friends and family and I sailed on the Carnival Breeze from June 15-22. I will try my best to answer any questions.
  6. It was free some nights, but some nights it was considered a specialty restaurant and had a fee.
  7. There were no elevator issues while I was onboard, everything ran smoothly. I watched all shows that were offered (all were great, except CATS, which was difficult to follow), and none were canceled. However, during one of the performances of "Come Fly With Me," there was some sort of equipment malfunction about ten minutes in to the show, but the show resumed a few minutes later after the problem was resolved.
  8. The ship is not the prettiest from the outside, but is beautiful from the inside! The condition of the ship to me was great. Don't worry. Hope you have a great cruise!
  9. Just got of the Oasis of the Seas yesterday. If anyone has any questions about anything I will try my best to answer them!:D:D
  10. Thank you all so much! Very helpful info :)
  11. We are spending a few days in Florida before our cruise-- we just wanted to know when traffic would potentially be lower.
  12. We are traveling to Cape Canaveral for our next cruise from the Charlotte area of NC, and were wondering what the best time would be to depart our house. Would late at night or early morning be best? Thanks!!
  13. Hello everyone, I am cruising on Oasis of the Seas in a couple of weeks, and want some questions answered about communication/internet on the ship. I cannot find a clear/not outdated explanation of what we need. All we need the internet for is to call and text elderly relatives in the states once a day. It would also be nice to be able to communicate with other relatives that are on the ship since it is so big. We do not need the huge VOOM packages-- we simply want signal to communicate with my family both on and off the ship. Also, could anyone explain the services of the internet cafe on board? What do the services include, and how much money would this cost? Would this be a good option for us, or are there other suggestions? Thanks!!
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