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  1. I LOVED the zip line! You can hear my nervousness before being released 😂 you don’t grasp how high you are until you are sitting in the harness. It’s one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences. Also, the foneleash worked great! I think my iPhone would have been fine without it, but I didn’t want to take any chances, especially with how fast you go.
  2. I wanted to give an update on what I used to help others in the same situation. I used my iPhone XR, and to make sure it didn’t fly away, I bought this product on Amazon... 87C55B30-9E59-4D87-88B8-368C3717D8A1.MOV
  3. Thank you! I have the iPhone XR. The only editing I did is I used an app to make the photos more vibrant in color. I’m pasting the app I used...I highly recommend it! Also, you can upgrade to “Pro Editor” in the app, or use “Classic Editor” for free, which is what I used for these photos.
  4. We went with them in May and they were AWESOME! I believe they are the #1 rated tour in Juneau according to TripAdvisor.
  5. Thanks for those that gave awesome tips in response to my question! My Alaskan cruise was one month ago and the only time I wished I had a camera other than my iPhone was when I did a whale watching excursion. I would have loved to get a closer shot of the whales’ flukes. Also, I used my iPhone to video the ZipRider excursion in ISP and it came out great! I did buy a product on amazon to wrap my iPhone around my wrist to ensure it wouldn’t fall. Here are some photos I took on my iPhone to show it really can act as your sole camera if you wish to not bring an actual camera...
  6. Here is a photo to give you an idea (part of the track is cut off but it’s a large track)
  7. We are currently on the Celebrity Eclipse and noticed that our original whale watching tour in Juneau has a 90% chance of rain that day. The rain, plus low 40s for a high, made us cancel and rebook the tour in ISP with Glacier Wind. Has anyone done their whale watching tour? How does ISP compare to Juneau in regards to which is better to see whales?
  8. These are the two ports we aren’t doing excursions. I’m wondering what y’all suggest to do on our own? In Ketchikan, we want to see the totems and possibly Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, if it’s worth it. In Sitka, we plan on seeing Fortress of the Bears and Alaska Raptor Center. We also want to check out Tongass National Park. Is public transportation to all these places easy to get? Any other ideas of not to miss spots?
  9. I’m wondering if I should rent a camera or just use my phone. The camera on my iPhone XR is pretty dang good. If I were to rent a camera, it needs to be a simple, one lense type of device. Which one is better in the long run? Also, if you do recommend something other than my iPhone, what camera would you personally use?
  10. I’m not sure if anyone will chime in but wanted to ask just in case. I cannot wait for this excursion and definitely want to record it. However, I’m nervous I will drop my phone or camera. Any suggestions on safety bands, straps, etc.?
  11. I’m looking for those that can recommend a tour that gets kayakers close to Mendenhall. I’ve been reading reviews of several companies and some have negative comments stating the kayaks never got close to the actual glacier.
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