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  1. stowawaykc

    Connecting rooms Vista?

    We asked the Stewart, he said both cabins needed to contact guest services to relay permission to him before he could open them. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. stowawaykc

    Connecting rooms Vista?

    Ok, here is the deal. Just returned from Vista, deck 9 midship balcony The balcony divider right outside your door cannot be opened. The way the cabins are laid out, there is a divider between your door and the cabin door next to you. The dividers are hinged, they only open, cannot be removed. If the divider just outside your balcony door was opened, it would block both yours and your neighbors balcony doors. The divider on the opposite end of the balcony can be opened because that balconies door would be on the far end of their balcony. We had 3 balcony cabins, and could only open the divider between 2 of them. I hope this makes sense. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Ocean beach club. This place, NO, just NO! Worst waste of money on an excursion. This is in Cozumel. Booked it at the taxi stand. $17 entry fee, $15 cab ride each way. We are pretty laid back, and don’t really complain about things that go wrong, but this place was the worst. Beach was a joke, all sharp rocks, no area for kids to play in the “crushed stone” sand. Everything run down and falling apart, bathrooms were so bad I wouldn’t send my dog in there. Live and learn I guess. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. stowawaykc

    Bounce back offer on a 4 day cruise?

    It's not dollar for dollar, I think it is like $2.50 = 1 point on slots. Video poker has a different ratio and table games are completely separate. I am sure someone on here knows the actual ratios, but I do know that it only counts what you bet, not what you win. So when you play back your winnings, they are added in also.
  5. stowawaykc

    Bounce back offer on a 4 day cruise?

    A free or sometimes reduced cruise fare that is offered based on your points earned in the casino.
  6. Does anyone know how many points would be required to receive a bounce back offer while on a 4 day cruise? Thanks in advance! Kurt
  7. stowawaykc

    Sunshine Deck 1 cabin question

    We stayed in 1520 in early January of this year. No issues with smells or noises.
  8. stowawaykc

    Purchasing cigarettes

    I bought PallMall reds for 20USD each in January on the Epic. No Virginia slims available (wife's brand)
  9. stowawaykc

    Question about food

    Sailed on the Epic on 1/11 1st freestyle cruise on Norwegian, here are some of my experiences: O'sheehans had prime rib on 2 separate nights, 1st night was only so so, the 2nd time was much better. I also had the ribs there on the night of the college football championship. They were very good. O' sheehans seemed to always have an issue with bringing you what you ordered. The 1st time we ordered the prime rib, we waited for close to an hour, finally, after seeing other tables get seated, order, and get their prime rib, we said something to the lady who seemed to be in charge. She was very apologetic, and got our order to the table right away, and also gave us a bottle of wine for our trouble. Another time, I ordered a corned beef sandwich that never came. We just left without it because we didn't want to wait. Missing salads and apps were kind of the norm there, but if you stay on them, they will eventually get it for you. I Know, O'sheehans is not exactly a gourmet type restaurant, but we really did like like the feel of the place, just wish they had their stuff together a little better. We only ate at 1 pay restaurant, that was Tappanyaki. I don't really have any specific complaints about it, but to me, it was not worth the $25. The food was good, and very filling, but maybe it is because we have several of these type places near home, I just didn't care for it $25 worth. I thought the food at the "garden" was really good all week. Loved the Asian and Indian selections, also had some pretty good fish dishes too. There was always hamburgers and hot dogs at the poolside station, can't say much about them as I usually don't eat them on a cruise, but I did find some really good fried fish fingers one night in that area. Delicious with the tarter sauce. The fresh fruit was always good, and breakfast always had plenty of good choices. The omelettes were very good, if there is a line, check one of the other stations, I think there are about 6 of them through out the garden. We also ate at Taste one night. I can't really even remember what I ate there, I do remember that I thought the menu was somewhat limited. Also, the waiter took my plate away not once, but twice before I was finished with it. The 1st time, I set my spoon down to grab a roll, and next thing I know the waiter just snatched up my delicious French onion soup, and walked off with it. My wife and I just looked at each other and laughed, it was kinda comical. The second time, he asked if I was finished, and I clearly said " no, I am still working on it" Next thing I know, he crossed behind me, and snagged my plate, and off he went. As I re-read this, it sounds like maybe we didn't enjoy ourselves, but that is not what I am trying to imply. We had a great time, and had a lot more good experiences than bad, and we would not let little stuff ruin our cruise. Over-all, if you get off this cruise hungry, it would be your own fault. There were lots of great choices everywhere, just thought I would share some of our food stories. Kurt Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  10. stowawaykc

    Just off Epic

    For the record, we were told prior to the cruise, that the game would be shown on the big screen in the atrium and also on the big outdoor screen on the back of the ship. Then on game day, we asked at the customer service desk, and we're told that they did not have rights to show college football, and the game would only be shown at o'sheehans. When the crowd became too large for O'sheehans, all of the sudden they had rights to broadcast on the big screen? I agree that they did not plan for this, but did try to correct a problem when O'sheehans became unusable as a dining venue. The normal flow of the restaurant came to a screaming halt because instead of people eating, then clearing out, everyone ate and stayed for the game. We stayed in O'sheehans because we had a large area in front of a television, and were not about to mess with the mojo because the game was going so well. :) Kurt Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  11. stowawaykc

    Just off Epic

    I agree Beerman, poor planning , but it did turn out OK in the end ! We had a great time on the ship, but did not really care for the layout of the top deck. We all thought that the music was WAY too loud around the pool deck. Had some of the same issues with the food service, but nothing that would ruin the trip for us. I thought that the staff did a good job trying to make things right when there was a problem. Overall, the food was very good, I can't think of anything I tried that I didn't enjoy. I liked the freestyle dining concept, but strangely enough, some of the folks with us preferred the scheduled dinner at the same restaurant, and they missed that part of it. There was plenty of entertainment throughout the ship, and always seemed to be something going on. We enjoyed the Blue Man group and the Blues/Jazz band Manhattan. Kurt Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  12. stowawaykc

    Secrets Aboard Carnival

    Not sure if it has been mentioned on here, I did not read all of the posts yet, but the free drink coupon they give you for being a past guest can also be used at the bar in the atrium any time. I think it states you can only use it in the dining rooms at lunch, but we were able to use ours in the atrium last week on the Dream. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  13. stowawaykc

    Dream Pool

    Had a great time! There was live entertainment all over the ship, day and night. Food was all good, make sure you try the Tandoor Indian food all the way in the back of deck 10, next to the deli. I didn't know what half of the stuff was, but enjoyed it all! I ended up eating lunch there several days, never any line. The deli was always fast also. I guess not many people wander back that way. The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the BBQ on deck 5, it was open for lunch most days, but it had hot dogs, sliders, chicken tacos and stuff like that. I was hoping ribs, wings etc.... Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, the food I had there was good, just not the "BBQ" I was expecting. I also noticed that there was hardly ever anybody in the aft pool. It looked very nice back there. Have fun! I know you will enjoy the Dream! Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  14. We were in the casino when a Lucky Lady hit the winning combo for the BMW on the last night of the cruise. The last time I saw her, she was trying to decide if she was taking the car or the $$. So, yes, it can happen! Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  15. stowawaykc

    Dream Pool

    True, the pool was open when we sailed. I think they were doing some routine maint. Stuff on the pool, looked like they were scraping paint to repaint the sides maybe, and took advantage of the empty pool to scrap some paint from the frame of the big screen to repaint that also. The frame is directly above the pool on that end. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app