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  1. I think you misread it; it says gratuity will be “added” not that it is “included.” It does not specify it applies to the food; in all other restaurants on Celebrity gratuity is only added to beverages and not to food, so quite possible none was added to your food order - though you’d have to verify with your receipt.
  2. It’s just silly marketing lingo; no such thing as Kobe beef sliders/burgers - they have way too much fat content to be used that way even if someone wanted to spend a couple hundred dollars on a burger. At least it is legal to say “Kobe style” even though it is a meaningless term and misleading. It is a step in the right direction from when they called it “Kobe beef” - something which a few restaurants have been successfully sued over, for false advertising. Hopefully eventually they will end this silly practice altogether and stop using the word “Kobe” on their menus to try and sound like the mystery meat they are using is something extremely rare, prohibitively expensive and luxurious.
  3. Have you sailed this itinerary?!? At times you are so close to the fjords you might be able to jump from your balcony to land with a running start. You also pass by glaciers and are close to land while going around the horn. I spent hours on my balcony watching the beautiful scenery during this cruise.
  4. The policy has always been two bottles per stateroom/suite not one bottle per/person.
  5. This would only be a viable option if the OP has no intention on ever sailing again on Celebrity or any of the RCCL brands. Companies sometimes ban people from future business for disputing a charge that they feel is valid.
  6. That is an odd amount, so doubtful to be related to a promotion. It is also too large amount to be because of a change in taxes/port fees. It looks like you posted recently about changing a shore excursion - was it one you booked through X? If so the amount may be related to a refund from the excursion you cancelled. If so, there will probably be a separate charge for the excursion you switched to, assuming that is also with X (see if you have any pending charges or confirmed charges on your credit card).
  7. I really enjoyed my dinner at Jose Enrique
  8. It has been a while since I ordered one, but historically it was always six mini-martinis. If you have a favorite, most bartenders would likely be willing to swap it in upon request.
  9. For a martini, my second favorite gin (after Monkey 47) is Old Raj. For a negroni my favorite gin is Kyro Koskue. Even people who tend to be whiskey drinkers and think they dislike gin generally love a negroni made with Kyro Koskue.
  10. A true martini would be approximately 2oz of gin and 1oz of dry vermouth stirred (not shaken) until it is diluted with about 1.5oz of water (served with either olives or a lemon twist). The chilling generated from the stir tones down the ethanol notes so the more subtle/interesting notes of the gin and vermouth to be pleasant. If using lower end gin and/or vermouth then typically one would not dilute as much (as the ethanol taste will mask the inferior quality) or make it a variation on a true martini and add additional ingredients to be the forward flavors, i.e. lemon drops, chocolate “martinis” etc. Using vodka is also a “play” on a true martini. A true martini using good quality ingredients should never be shaken; while it may be more of a “show” it messes with the texture and more subtle aromas and flavors, which are what makes a great martini great. A lot of people who tend to order “martinis” with vodka or extra components haven’t had a true martini made with good quality gin and vermouth and well executed. Mediocre gin or a martini made poorly can really taste bad, whereas with vodka being a neutral spirit, a great “vodka martini” doesn’t exist but it is also more difficult to make a bad “martini” with vodka. A martini with excellent gin (Monkey 47 is my favorite) and good vermouth that is executed well is a treat.
  11. Thanks for the correction; I was a Liddle' off; it is $25.
  12. Corkage to consume the wine in a dining venue or public lounge is $35 per/bottle. No charge to consume the wine in one's stateroom/suite.
  13. I am not the in charge of such definitions. The prevalence of lactose intolerance is 65%. A significant majority of people become lactose intolerant after childhood. It is the norm. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/lactose-intolerance#statistics
  14. Approximately 2/3rds of adults are lactose intolerant; it is the norm.
  15. While this is generally permissible for North American bookings; bookings made in Europe do not have this option.
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