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  1. suexxx

    Whos Cruising and When ?

    Hi David. Could you add Suexxx to 3rd November 2019 Golden Princess to Islands & Fiji from Melbourne. Thanks
  2. Hi. Does anyone know when the last cruise for Golden leaving from Melbourne is before she goes to P&O? Suexxx
  3. Hi. Can you move a booking done with Princess Australia directly, to an online TA if you find the TA has a better deal a few months later? Thanks Suexxx
  4. suexxx

    Which ships have the sideways cabins?

    Thanks everyone for your help. Suexxx
  5. Hi Which of the ships that sail from Australia have the sideways cabins? Suexxx
  6. Hi. Can you smoke once you are aboard the carnival legend when you are leaving from Melbourne Australia? Have read you have to wait until you pull away on Carnival Spirit & Legend when in Sydney. Thanks Suexxx
  7. Hi. Taking my SIL on a cruise soon . Leaving from Melbourne Australia & would like to know the price of cigarettes for her. Thanks Suexxx
  8. Thank you all for your help. Suexxx
  9. Hi. What parts of the ship are used for muster stations & do you take your life jackets? Thanks Suexxx
  10. Hi. Does anyone know the prices of -Lemonade- Cocktails-Mocktails & Beers on Legend at the moment. Thanks Suexxx
  11. Hi. Would love to hear from people who have had this cabin or simular on Carnival Legend. We are on her in March 2018 & were assigned this cabin today. Thanks Suexxx
  12. suexxx

    Carnival Legend Power points

    Hi. Just read on the Carnival Questions that Legend has Australian power point at the desk. Suexxx
  13. Hi. Have just been looking at photos of the Carnival Legend & noticed the Avalon Main Pool has a glass roof. Is the roof closed when doing South Pacific cruises in our Summer & early Autumn. Thanks Suexxx
  14. Hi. Can someone explain how you open & close your safe on Carnival Legend. Thanks Suexxx
  15. Hi. When I went on Carnival Spirit many years ago I got a cup to keep when I bought the lemonade package. Do they still give them out? Sailing on an Australian cruise to the Pacific Islands. Thanks Suexxx