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  1. Has anyone done this tour? My question is mainly regarding the pricing on the Princess website. The tour is offered at 2 different times. One is from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The other is just one hour later for departure at 10:30, arriving back at 3:30. However, the price is $10 more for the later excursion at 10:30. Our preference would probably do the earlier tour, and have more free time afterwards, but are we missing something? Is there a reason that the later tour would be more expensive? If there is a good reason to do a later time, then I will definitely consider it, even though the cost is more. I don't think I've ever seen an excursion through Princess being charged differently for the exact same tour, but just a different excursion time. Also would appreciate any feedback you have on the actual excursion. We are interested mainly because of the mini speed boat part, and I have not been able to find a local tour company that offers anything similar.
  2. Lorabelle

    how much money needed for magen's bay

    Can't help you with the cost of getting there, as we were there as part of a longer island tour. The admission to get in was $5 US each. There was a bar there, but I don't know the cost of drinks. There was also a food stand selling just a short menu of turkey sandwiches, burgers, chips, etc. The sandwiches and burgers were about $10-$11. I think they may also have had hot dogs, but I don't recall the cost. That said, I would think you would need to plan for at least $20-$25 per person for admission, lunch and a beverage or two. Plus whatever the cost of transportation to the beach. I didn't look at the prices of the chair and umbrella rentals, we just put our towels on the sand. We didn't purchase anything, but I was told that they only accept cash right now.
  3. Lorabelle

    Beach Limerz reservations?

    Thanks for your response. I did email Gail, but haven't heard back from her yet. The info is appreciated! Just want to know what to expect so we can decide if we'd rather do the all day plan or the pay as you go.
  4. Lorabelle

    Beach Limerz reservations?

    We are interested in visiting BeachLimerz in December. I have a question about the BBQ lunch with the day pass. Is this served throughout the day, or only for an hour or two? Is it served buffet style or do they bring you a plate? I'm just wondering if we were planning to be there from 10-4, if it's possible to get a small plate of food at, say 11:00 AM, and then another small plate later in the afternoon? Or is it just a one time eat and you're done?
  5. Lorabelle

    Complimentary Hot Cocoa?

    No, that's fine. Thanks for the info! :)
  6. Lorabelle

    Complimentary Hot Cocoa?

    Will be sailing with HAL for the first time next week on the Oosterdam. Are there hot cocoa packets available in the buffet area, or should I pack my own?
  7. We are flying out late in the evening on the day we return from our cruise. Interested in a car rental that we could pick up downtown and drop at the airport. Does anyone know of a rental agency that doesn't charge the $100 drop fee?
  8. Lorabelle

    San Pedro Port - LA

    We toured the USS Iowa in January in between B2B cruises. It is berthed just down from the cruise ships, so an easy walk. We had such an enjoyable time! It's a self-guided tour, but there are many docents on board to answer any questions you may have. Almost all of them are veterans and they were so engaging with the information they offered about the ship, and the military in general. It was a great way to spend a few hours and then we were ready to reboard our ship. If you purchase your tickets in advance online, I believe there was a discount offered.
  9. Lorabelle

    La Paz or Loreto for kayaking

    [quote name='Av8tor']I can't speak for La Paz as I haven't used any tour operators there. As for Loreto, I can recommend Sea and Land tours as I have used them for scuba diving last year and am booked with them again this year. Check them out, they have day trips with snorkeling and kayaks can be added and they also have guided kayak tours... toursloreto dot com[/QUOTE] Thank you, I will look into this!
  10. Lorabelle

    La Paz or Loreto for kayaking

    We are beginners. My husband has kayaked once before, and I have never. We would like to do an excursion in either La Paz or Loreto. Does anyone have any input regarding which port is best for kayaking and why? Also, if you have any good tour operator recommendations, I'd love to hear them. The ship offers excursions, but we prefer to book on our own, if possible.
  11. Lorabelle

    Loreto and La Paz

    Can you tell me what the resort charges for a day pass? And also the cost of the kayaks there?
  12. Lorabelle

    Are luggage racks provided?

    All this talk of packing cubes makes me want to get some! Anything in particular I should look for when purchasing? I love anything that makes unpacking quicker, so I can get on with my vacation!
  13. Lorabelle

    Crown aft balcony, Deck 11 (Baja)

    Thanks so much for the photo, that was very helpful! And thanks for the testimony! We are going to go for the aft, and we're excited to try it out.
  14. Lorabelle

    Crown aft balcony, Deck 11 (Baja)

    Thanks for your response! We have never booked an aft. I'm hoping that we will be able to see a bit to the side, even with the stairwell next to us. I'm assuming these balconies are covered?
  15. We are looking at booking an aft on Deck 11, Baja. There are two doorways showing on either side of the ship. Can someone tell me where these doors lead? Wondering about how often they would be used, and whether the space they go into will impede the view to the side if we were to get an end cabin. Thanks for any information you can provide! Lori