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  1. For our sailing it was $315 PP. Yours may vary depending on the difference between an inside room and a balcony on your sailing.
  2. Yes, we had to pay all of our charges up front at the time we booked. And we were advised that all of it is non refundable, so make sure you are booking what you want! Our offer was for an inside cabin, we upgraded to a balcony, and we also had to pay the upgrade fee at the time of booking as well. There is also a $100 PP deposit that must be paid when you book. That money will be posted to your shipboard account when you board.
  3. True enough! LOL But let's say I had 15 drinks in the casino, then went to see a show and wanted a cocktail. If they're counting the casino drinks, I'd have a problem. (Although, realistically, if I had 15 cocktails in the casino I probably couldn't even WALK to the theater to see a show. Ha!)
  4. I doubt this would ever be an issue on our cruise, but my travel agent brought this up, and did not know the answer to his own thought. LOL We are going on a casino VIP sailing, where we are offered free drinks while playing in the casino. We also booked with the Best Sale Ever package, so we have free beverages with our fare, available anywhere on board the ship. I know there is a limit of 15 alcoholic beverages per day. Since the casino offering of free beverages is independent of our beverage package, would the drinks ordered and consumed in the casino be marked against the daily limit of our beverage package? I can't imagine going over the limit anyway, but I just thought it was an interesting situation and wondered if anyone else has had an experience to know how this is handled.
  5. In my experience, all the places on Stone Island that I have been to, readily accept USD. Be aware, though, that they don't have to adhere to official exchange rates, so you may end up paying more for your tab if you are paying in USD than you would if you pay in pesos. As much as 10% or more. If we know we are planning to do restaurant beach days at all the ports on our Mex Riviera cruise, we will buy pesos in advance from our bank. There is a fee, but it is typically offset on our first port. Or if you are traveling with a group, you can all place one order together to save on fees.
  6. I have used them several times over the past 10 yrs or so. In both Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Everything was as described, meeting up with the tour was simple. I would recommend them if they have something you're interested in.
  7. Also, just wanted to add that if you are in a mini-suite, that is not considered a suite as far as earning extra suite benefits such as priority boarding.
  8. I plan to ask when I get onboard. Does anyone know who would be the best person to speak with about this? Do I just go to CS, do I call Room Service? I'm not sure who handles this perk.
  9. If you don't mind doing all the planning yourself, I also recommend doing it all on your own without going through the cruise line. We have done our own Alaska tours 4 times, and it's wonderful to have the flexibility to do things the way you want to do them and spend time in places you want to spend it. We traveled by car once and rented RVs the other 3 times. We much prefer the RV method, but we are RVers to begin with. However, the RV companies are very good at going through the rigs with you and making you comfortable with it before you head out. It will take a lot of research to figure it all out,but if you enjoy the research, it's a great way to go. Visit the Alaska board here, go to TripAdvisor and read up, and if you have access to AAA, go and get their maps and tour books. I do think doing the land first is a great option. The land part is pretty busy and then it's nice to get onboard the ship and relax a bit more. Plus, you'll get the longest flight out of the way at the beginning of the trip, and not have to deal with it at the end of a long vacation.
  10. We will also be receiving two of these for an upcoming cruise. However, we don't drink wine. Does anyone know if they can be traded out for something else once we get onboard? We would gladly trade for coffee cards, mini bar setup, even a couple of cocktails at one of the bars or a plate of chocolate strawberries. They really are of no use to us. My travel agent said he inquired with Princess and they told him that they could not be traded out for anything, but I know the answer could be different once we get on board, so just wondering if anyone else has tried.
  11. I have been reading that you can't bring water bottles onboard, not even empty ones. Wondering if the thermal hydroflask stainless bottles are permitted. Brought onboard empty, of course. We have ordered water for the room, but I like my water very cold and use a hydroflask daily to keep it at the temp I like.
  12. Yes, if anyone is able to make this happen, PLEASE post here. I am considering doing a refare on my casino discounted room, but it would be much better for me to be able to do an add on code and keep my initial perks as well as add a few extras. So, I've been holding off on the refare. Of course, I'm at the mercy now of what will happen to the room rates as I am waiting. If they go up too much, a refare may not be a good option for me either. I keep thinking that they will allow it at some point, I don't see the logic in not allowing it, they are getting extra revenue on something that has already been booked.
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