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  1. I was on this cruise and did the spa, for three days only. It is very small, very loud (one wall is a glass wall between the main pool area and the spa.) Needless to say it’s very loud in the spa so not very relaxing. The staff also brought clients into the relaxing area to talk about treatments but in a loud booming voice as opposed to spa quiet. The steam had a very powerfully strong odor and you couldn’t sit in it for more than 5 minutes. So it is nothing like the new builds. It is a converted old build. One thing though it wasn’t busy the couple of days I went. I did not enjoy it at
  2. We too were on that Dubai to Cape Town cruise. While you paint a lovely picture, some of us don’t see it quite that way. Yes the sailing was fine. If that’s all you wanted. I’m not upset with NCL for us not getting into any ports. We are terribly upset with the way the ship’s officers handled the entire situation. The lack of information given to us at any given time, the seemingly non interest in the passengers concerns. It is inexcusable. They handled everything poorly from the ship to head office. I am seriously re-thinking cruising with this particular cruise line again. Don’t ge
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