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  1. Thanks, Canadianbear! I really appreciate your help!
  2. Thank you so much! That's exactly what I needed to know. Our daughter is 5'4", so it sounds like the chaise bed will be fine.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. We have time to think about it! We all love the idea of an aft wrap, although the balcony isn't as large as on some of the older ships, it's so much larger than the verandah we usually get. But we're finding that the verandah cabins are just too small for the 3 of us. Deciding whether to go with a Signature & Murphy bed with smallish verandah versus Neptune & chaise bed but much larger wrap verandah is going to be tough. And then there's the money aspect . . . but thanks so much for your help!
  4. Wow, the Murphy bed looks amazing! We will look in to a Signature Suite, for sure! And that looks like the same chaise that's in the Aft-wrap Neptunes -- was it long enough to be used as a bed? Or was it too short?
  5. Yes, I have looked at all the aft wraps on that website. There are some comments about the chaise being short, which is what prompted my question. I'll look at the Signature Suites right now, thanks for the idea!
  6. Exactly. The Aft-wrap Neptunes have a chaise-looking sort of "almost a sofa," and I haven't found any photos of if or how it folds out, or exactly how it makes in to a bed. It's different from the sofas in regular Neptunes, and very different from the loveseats in verandah cabins that fold out to a single bed. Anybody ever used one of the 3rd beds in an Aft-wrap Neptune on the Nieuw Statendam or Koningsdam?
  7. You mean a loveseat that folds out to a regular-length bed? Instead of a foldout sofa? Sorry to be dense, just trying to understand ...
  8. Good afternoon, all! We have a cruise on the Nieuw Statendam booked for July 2021. It will be me, my husband, and our 18yo daughter. As a special treat I’m thinking of upgrading to an aft-wrap Neptune, but on Hal Facts it looks like the sofa is more of a chaise, and I’m concerned that it’s not a “real” bed. Has anyone had experience with the 3rd bed in an aft-wrap Neptune on either the NS or the Koningsdam? Thanks in advance...
  9. Thanks to all for your thoughtful responses. My daughter is indeed coming down with the cold, and my husband is feeling like a marked man! We decided to cancel and re-book for another cruise in Summer 2021. We have another cruise booked in May out of Seattle on the Oosterdam, so we'll wait and see about that one.
  10. Hello, everyone! What strange times we live in . . . we are booked on the Oosterdam departing San Diego on March 14th. Right now we are less worried about getting the coronavirus and more worried about whether or not they will allow me to board as I recover from a cold. I came down with it about a week ago, no fever. I'm getting better already but still have a cough. I called HAL and they said that the health screening at the ship would determine if I could board or not. Of course, my symptoms should be better by then, but what if my husband or daughter comes down with this in the meantime? The fellow on the phone at HAL said that they would look at whether or not someone has had a fever and where they've traveled. I suppose that they will also ask if there's been a known exposure. Please note that while I have all the compassion and concern for those who have been infected with the coronavirus, those of us who haven't been infected (yet?) are certainly still very affected . . . We have the regular cruise protection, not the Platinum, and he said that if we get to the ship and they turn one or more of us away from the health screening that's within the 24 hour exclusion limit and we would be out the entire cruise fee. I'd appreciate any input anyone has on how the health screenings are going. I certainly will be upfront and honest on the questionnaire and in talking to the screener, but if the risk of having a recurring phlegmy cough is that we lose the entire cost of the cruise, we're wondering if we wouldn't be better off rebooking or cancelling. Thoughts?
  11. Hello, all. We are new to Royal Caribbean, having sailed quite a bit with HAL. We've booked a cruise next April on the Adventure of the Seas. I have a couple of questions for those of you familiar with the line. First of all, the itinerary says that we will arrive back in Fort Lauderdale at 5:30am. The flights to Denver seem to be mostly in the afternoon, but there's one that leaves at 8am. I know that's cutting it close, but we are usually some of the first people off the ship with HAL. In your experience, do RCI ships arrive when they say they will? Secondly, one of my favorite things to do on a cruse is to get up early and exercise in the pool. When do the pools usually open in the morning? On HAL ships I can usually be in the water by 6:30, sometimes earlier. Thanks in advance! We're looking forward to trying Royal Caribbean!
  12. Good afternoon, all! We have cruised on Holland America several times. In summer 2020 or possibly 2021 I think we are going to try one of Princess' British Isles cruises. There will be 3 adults in one cabin, and we prefer either a large balcony cabin or small suite. If I put down a refundable deposit now, what are the chances that the pricing will drop between now and final payment? With HAL it depends on the time of year, the ship, and the itinerary. Is Princess similar? Thanks in advance -- we appreciate your help! Liz
  13. Thank you all for your very educated and insightful replies. You have convinced me; I booked a flight for the day before. I really appreciate your help, and I'm humbled by the collective level of knowledge and experience. Thank you all so much!
  14. Hi folks! We've just returned from the Nieuw Statendam from Amsterdam and so of course we need to book our next cruise. For next summer on the Oosterdam out of Seattle I'm considering using HAL's Flight Ease. The prices for short (from Denver) domestic flights are comparable, but a little higher. It would make a difference if I knew if the airport transfer was included if we fly the same day (arrive SeaTac about 9am). I can't seem to find that anywhere on the Flight Ease website, but I've never looked at it before. Does anyone know? Also, since we are traveling the same day as the cruise, are we "protected" if the flight is delayed? Lastly, will we need to claim our luggage or will HAL do that for us with the transfer? Thanks in advance! Liz
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