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  1. We sailed out of Galveston in August. Granted the ship passenger numbers were low but the self debarkation was on time and very fast. The facial recognition at customes now is almost just a walk through if you are a US citizen. We had to travel from Galveston to Huston for a flight, used the shuttle bus service through the ship and could have made a 11:30am flight so getting to FLL should be a breeze.
  2. We sailed in August and they did not offer the cards. There were a reduced number of passengers but unlike in the past they did not offer discont drink discount cards during the cruise.
  3. And if your phone is not doing it Google, Facebook and any number of internet companies and networks are. Everytime you click on something it gets tracked and your ip addressed is recorded. Welcome to the on line universe
  4. An additiona point is that we are all sailing on half filled ships so they don't have the pressure on cabin turnover they will on full ships. All the people, like us, when coming on want to get to their cabins as soon as possible and if you keep passengers in them longer it delays the next group. We are not local so wait for transportation to Houston for flights so have not had to deal with the walk off's in the past so can't really relate to that issue. But staying in the cabin and not all the crowds outside was a very nice change.
  5. We also sailed on Independence in August and the way they handle the debarcation was great. Between the muster drill and the debarkation some good has come out of all the changes. Its hard to find someone who will not complain about anything anymore but I can't imagian anyone complaining about these changes to cruise processes.
  6. We had these on our August cruise on Indenpendence and it was no big deal.
  7. We cruised in August and the number of on board activies were reduced from prior sailing. We could not book them except through the Royal app on the day of our sailing.
  8. We did the Independence in its first pay cruise out of Galveston in Auguest and it was great. We had a 7 year old with us and were restricted to ship excursions so we did the Fury catamarian cruise to a private beach, which we had never done befor and it was great.
  9. We were on Independence in August and it was the same as normal.
  10. We live in Long Beach and are on a Feb. cruise as well. Depending on how early you are coming in, the hotels in San Pedro would be good. The area across the dock on Shoreline are also nice, lots of things to do there with good resturants, shopping, Aquarium of the Pacific and port tours are availible. All are close to the dock with easy transportaion or parking at the dock.
  11. On #3, if everyone in the group is vacinated you could sit together but would need to have your reservations attached together for them to set it up, they will not set groups that are not connected together in the MDR.
  12. We sailed out of Galveston in August on the first sailing. I do believe the 3:30 is just a placeholder for those who sign up and once you do y our offical check in a couple of weeks prior other times may be open. With that said they were strick on the check in for our cruise. If you are early you had to wait outside the terminal before you could go in and start to finish the checkin. We had 11:30 and were in a hotel so we were able to time our arrival but there were people waiting outside and they were checking the documents to see your check in time.
  13. We sailed in August and the Chardonay was nice.
  14. I traveled to Old San Juan for severl years on business and my wife and I took a couple of vacations there. We have also visited on a couple of cruises and our thought would be to pass on the tours and just do a walking tour of Old San Juan on your own. The ship docks down town and you can walk to old streets, do a bar crawl as their are a ton of cool little bars along the walk. Lots of very cool small resturants for lunch and just a great place to tour on your own. The history is amazing, you can get a cab to the Fort and tour it or just walk aroudn Old Town and take in the amazing history. Much cheeprer than a tour and a great experience.
  15. We sailed in August with a 7 year old and the rapid test was accepted at check ain. At that time it was the 3 day rule so we got ours on Thursday prior to a Sunday sailing. At the dock they will preform another test for those under 12 and you have to wait for the results. Took about 40 minutes. On the ship, on Thrusday prior to our Sunday docking they scheduled another radid test for him. You don't have to wait they will send you the results on your phone.
  16. We were on IOS a couple of weeks ago and at that time there was not much going on from a sports standpoint during the days but talked to one of the bartenders, who were all great, and they said most of the games will be on. This is a great place, not a huge football fan but this place was about as good as most sports bars you would find on land. You do pay for food but the burger in this place is outstanding, way better than Johnny Rockets in my opinion.
  17. There was a lab on site at our CVS and they actually offered both test and would not have charged us for either due to our insurance. We did the antigne because we had to travel to out ship and wanted to be sure we had a negitive result back before we flew to Texas. Didn't want to get there and find out we could not get on the ship. I did hear that some people in higher infection states like TX and FL are having more problems getting CVS and Wallgreen appoitments.
  18. We docked on Sunday. On the Thur. prior the ship contacted my daughter regarding a test for our grandson on Saturday, which was a sea day. They provided her with a reservation time of 11:30. They had a confrerence room set up on Deck 2 to do the testing. He was tested and about an hour later she got the results on her phone.
  19. We sailed early this month. We went to CVS and got the rapid test and got results in about 30 minutes on our phone. They billed our insurance for the test, we had no out of pocket cost. You do need to make a reservation with CVS, in our state you can make them two weeks in advance. Not every CVS location does the test so check their website to make the reservation and they will direct you to the closest location where the tests are given.
  20. We just got off the Independence with our daughter and 7 year old grandson. We did do two ship excursions with him. They did check a couple of times before we left the ship to be sure we had a ticket for him. After the excursion there was no control as to when h e went. In Cozumel for example once we got off the tour he was able to go into the shops around the port. They did have strict mask rules in place and with the low number of passengers it was not a problem. As far as Kids Club went, when my daughter first signed him up there were a restriction on the number of hours she could sign up for during the evening time fram but he could go during the day any time. The advised that the limits would be reviewed after the first two days to see who crowed they were and could be revised. Again it was a small passenger load, about 40% and not a lot of kids so after the second day they opened up the rest of the week for more hours. The Kids Club staff is the best and one of the resons why we sail Royal.
  21. We were on this cruise as well and did not hear the 200 number. We did talk to one couple who's sister did not get on becuae of it. They did not see the notifications earler about the requirement and but they were able to get a test in Galveston that day. Her sister got a test but the resultes did not come back in time. We were with a 7 year old and had been advised both prior to sailing and then on the ship that they could only get off in port if they had a ship excusion. We went to a beach with him in Roatan and also in Cozemel. Maybe the lady at passenger services does not feel the need to read the information, especially on this cruise. We knew things were fluid and could change quickly so checked the web sites and emails we got closly. We sail a lot and really enjoyed the lower passenger levels, thought the crew were great.
  22. We just got off Independence of the Seas, which was a all vaccinated ship for all over 12 and in the bars designated as vaccinated only (most of them) or outside bars you can sit at the bar.
  23. We just got off Independence of the Seas and tha app worked great. If your group has your staterooms linked you can use the app for texting. It does cost $1.99 a day to use the test service but its kind of like group text and worked great on our ship.
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