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  1. Thank you! CMV just announced that all ships will return to Tilbury asap for a fresh restart, except Marco Polo to Bristol and Astor to Bremerhaven.
  2. Thank you "tring" for taking time! ☺️ I found the exact same cruise one year later in the 2021-2022 season. I will try to convince Fred Olsen for a free re-booking (without fees and supplement) to this date. I think it is a win-win for both sides, I will keep my ABTA coverage and Fed Olsen my money (as the cruise is full paid in) as working capital. And finally, Fred Olsen will keep one more happy customer! Anyone from this forum has tried the same?
  3. Thank you, can you explain the insurance problems re rebooking little bit more? Sorry, but I don't understand...
  4. Hi to you all, came across this new company "Miray Cruises" - seems to be a great alternative to Celestyal Cruises for the Greek Agean coast and islands: https://www.miraycruises.gr/en However, all my attemps to book a cruise or to get in touch with them failed, Emails are left unanswered. Does anyone have more information where and how to book? Thank you! Chris
  5. Ahh, Berlin is nowhere near the seas... You may fly in (hopefully) to Berlin - but the cruise is leaving from the port city of Rostock!
  6. Hi, was planning a cruise on Fred Olsen, but it seems now to be cancelled. Nothing wrong with their decision - but no information regarding my options... CMV is much clearer and offering full refund or an attractive future cruise credit of 125%! Fred Olsen on the other hand will contact the guests individually. So I am keen to know, which option Fred Olsen is offering to other forum members. You will know that, along with many other cruise and travel companies, we are facing challenging and unprecedented times at the moment. With the ongoing situation with COVID-19, multiple port closures and the recent government advisory for cruise travel, we believe it is currently impossible for us to offer our guests the holiday experience that we promise. We have therefore taken the difficult decision to pause our ocean cruise operations until 23rd May. Our priority now is to get all existing guests and crew home as safely and comfortably as possible. Any subsequent itineraries will not go ahead once the current cruises have come to an end. For the time being our river ship Brabant is not affected by the pause in operations and our season will commence as planned on 6th April. We are aware that if you are sailing with us, you will have many questions about what this means for you and we will be in touch as soon as we can. We are likely to be very busy in our call centre over the next few days. Please bear with us, there is no rush for you to make a decision. We are working very hard for you and promise that we will deal with each and every one of your questions as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, if you have internet access, our website is being updated constantly with answers to the questions we are receiving so please check fredolsencruises.com and you are likely to find what you are looking for. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, so on behalf of everyone at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, both at our HQ in Ipswich and on our ships, we are sorry for this short break in sailings and we look forward to seeing you back cruising with us very soon. Guests who were booked during this time will be contacted separately by email and with a letter which will fully explain their options. https://www.fredolsencruises.com/march-may-cruises
  7. Hi, I am just curious what happened to the cruise... It seems the ship is since March 11th in Phuket - but on CMVs webpage "it is on the way to Sri Lanka"; but their ports are closed. Any more information available?
  8. Just received this email from Bahamas Paradise Cruise: "There are single supplements available for each date. However, there are an set amount of cabins available each sailing for this supplement."
  9. Hi to you all - just wondering if it's possible to book somewhere the Transatlantic Crossing, so far (after days of searching) no results. ☹️ The ASTORIA will leave Puerto Penasco on February 11th 2020 and will start again on March 12th 2020 from Poole. It must be a wonderful cruise starting in the Baja California, crossing the Panama Canal, the Caribbean and going across the Atlantic. Any idea where and how to book - pls. let me know!
  10. Very, very, disappointed by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, I was looking fwd to go as SINGLE traveller on their cruise - promising: No Single Supplement Fees We are proud to be the only cruise line to offer no single supplement for solo cruisers on all of our cruises in an Ocean view stateroom. That means a single person in an Ocean view stateroom only pays for one person - and not the double occupancy price! However, Nassau starts @ 358$ for Solo Travellers OV - not a single date I can't find for 179$ as advertised. ☹️☹️
  11. The Grand Classica is from the end of August to mid October "sold out"... Hard to believe! Will it get during this time a refurbishment, or what is the reason behind this?
  12. Hi, thank you for the words! I have done everything in the past, from 2 to 5 star cruises, from CMV to Cunard - so I am prepared for everything to come. Regarding Phuket, nobody -not even Costa- seems to be able to answer my question. I will do Phuket end November. All Costa could tell, we will land in "Phuket Port"; no further explanation -if tender or not- was given... November is season, isn't it?! And where about in Patong will be the jetty; close to "Sunset Beach" hotel I heard?! BTW. is it true that all staterooms have a fridge to use?
  13. Did this cruise this June - 7 days. It was by far one of my best cruises in my life. I did NCL, RC and Cunard in the past as well - but it is impossible to compare these cruise lines with Celestyal. Always very casual, except Captains Dinner, great staff and great food in the a-la-carte restaurants. It is a very old vessel with its own charm. The Service is OUTSTANDING - I was the only German native on-board. Not only the German hostess did a PRIVATE safety drill with me in the bar, the crew was really reading my wishes from my eyes - like "Oh I see you love todays desert, here is another one only for you my friend".
  14. Hi, did this year a fantastic cruise with them - everything is included! No tipping needed! BUT, I did it anyway. The stateroom stewards, 2 really outstanding guys, and MY waiters in the restaurant. It is open seating, no reservation possible. After 2 days I found the perfect table with the perfect waiters. After some tipping, these guys blocked the table for us and drinks were waiting when arriving.
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