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  1. I'm in the same situation....75 yr old mom with bilateral knee replacements really wants to see the Mayan ruins. So really want to make it happen.
  2. Like she said......You can definitely bring your spouse without any concern. My DH made Platinum Before I did and we checked with guest services on each cruise before the party and "with absolutely no strong arming" they all smiled and said of course your spouse can attend with you. So go and have fun!!
  3. I agree that you'll need to pay since it is taking up a potential diver spot but I would sure get out of having to pay for the gear if I could. Perhaps contacting oasis and explaining that you will be coming but not diving might work. but its hard when they negotiate it this way with the operators. Lots of times I've had to pay a full price that included gear even though I am bringing all my own gear. Might be worth emailing the shore excursion department and asking them (you can't call them which is a pain) about a rate for not needing gear. Worst that will happen is that you still have to pay the full rate. Good luck...sorry you can't dive :(
  4. Ours showed up as a credit once we were onboard the ship.
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