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  1. Problem is that ALL cruise lines were / are affected. CDC just extended date that ships can sail to or from USA till Sept 30th which totally kills the Alaska runs this summer. Alaska will be hurting badly. Alan
  2. The cruise industry is hurting the entire world of passengers. Literally they are screwing themselves and if they don't get off their butts nobody will want to ever cruise again. HAL supervisor said that they had to lay off a bunch of people and this is the reason things are so slow. Talk about being stupid. Like shooting yourself in the foot. Do they think everybody is going to rush back once things are cleared. NOT.
  3. Came over to this site from my cancelle4d blog. It appears that many people are getting their refunds for the EXTRAS they purchased but nobody has gotten their basic cruise / air / ground refunds. All I get is "We are very busy, we are short handed etc etc...which in my opinion pure BS. Once I get my $$ this may well be the last I'll do with HAL. Other cruise lines have refunded the money...what's wrong with HAL??????????
  4. Where can I find an explanation of what a 3,000. 5,000-.10,000 club is and how does one attain this lofty goal?
  5. As a 3 star sailor on Holland America...I've been told that the entire crew (except Officers and bar tenders) share in the bounty. That means the lowest crew member gets something. I was also told that some cruise lines share the tips throughout their entire fleet...getting their share either when they depart that ship or quit...etc or once a year at Xmas or New Years Day. I prefer the old way but unfortunately far too many are cheap and then the workers get zero. Only problem is how to tip dineing room or Lido help...they all do a great job and deserve something.
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