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  1. Can you share what nights have which parties? (White Night, 80's, Glow, etc.)
  2. Thank you for the update. We're booked in a Family Harbor Aft Balcony (2501) 10/1 so it's disappointing to hear about the vibration. Can you tell me if the door is magnetic?
  3. We were in Playa del Carmen over New Years and the first week of June and felt safer there than at home. There is no doubt that the hotels/resorts are taking this seriously. Constant cleaning, mask wearing, hand sanitizer everywhere, shoe sanitizers, tables spaced out at restaurants, etc. It was fabulous.
  4. Keep an eye on the Mexican Covid Traffic Light. That will tell you a lot for the Mexican ports and what will and won't be allowed. Which will impact ship itineraries. https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/eua/index.php/en/2016-04-09-20-40-51/tourism/1760-mexico-s-covid-19-monitoring-system
  5. I just posted the dailies for the Breakaway - Eastern Caribbean itinerary. We had the following: Day 2 - Dress up or not Day 3 - none Day 4 - Latin Fiesta Day 5 - 80's Day 6 - Glow Party Day 7 - Rock the Prom (Syd Norman's) Farewell Dance Party (Spice H2O)
  6. 2 thoughts: 1. The main complaint with the Norwegian app is that the connection drops and reconnects as you walk through the ship. (No, that's not how that's supposed to work). Instead, relaunch the app when you get where you are going (restaurant, show, etc.) and leave open. Your connection remains stable when you are in one spot. 2. If everyone feels like paying for the Social Media package (way more expensive than the app), then I HIGHLY recommend downloading and using WeChat. This app is huge in China and I can see why. My daughter and I used it when she was in China on a school trip and I fell in love with it. You can text, video chat, make phone calls, have group texts, send pictures, etc. Can you tell I'm a fan? LOL!
  7. Oh trust me...you'll find a way to spend it. 🤣 Souvenirs, Bingo, Deal or No Deal, dinner show, new sandals after you go down flailing in front of witnesses near the pool because your current sandals apparently had no traction, excursions, ice pack for your bruises, macaroons, specialty coffees, specialty dining, etc.
  8. That is fantastic! Congratulations! I try to stay away from real sweets but sometimes you just gotta have something. I've actually found a lot of recipes for desserts that satisfy that sweet tooth while staying diabetic/low carb compliant. Here's one of my favorites (hwc=heavy whipping cream, I use monkfruit as the sweetener):
  9. Oh girl! Almost all liquors are sugar/carb free. So it's just a matter of drinking it straight or mixing it with a sugar-free or acceptable sugar-substitute drink. Here are a few I wrote down that interested me. Michelob Ultra - 2.5g carb Long island iced tea - sub diet or zero cola 2 shots vodka, sprite zero, lime Faux-hito: mint, lime, rum, sprite zero Spiced rum, zero or diet cola, lime Any liquor with seltzer water Pinot noir - 3.8g carbs I have no idea if the ship has a "zero" cola, but I'm crossing my fingers.
  10. LOL! Thank you! I can tell that you're not diabetic. Is the meat marinated? What seasonings are added to the vegetables? It has been a real eye opener to me to find out how many things have sugar hidden in them. Did you know that lemon-pepper seasoning has sugar in it? Plus there is the fact that sugar hides itself under a lot of different names - maltodextrin and dextrose are probably the 2 most common. It's even in supposedly "sugar-free" foods. A lot of which spike my blood sugar levels. This is one of the reasons I find it difficult to eat at a restaurant. At home, I have control over what goes in and on my food. At a restaurant - or on a cruise - I don't. I hope you now understand the challenge that faces a diabetic. It really is more than just "manage it like you do at home".
  11. Thank you! I did have my account flagged, but I'll definitely contact the Access Office as well.
  12. I was diagnosed Type 2 diabetic in April of this year. I am on medication and also managing my diabetes with a low-carb diet. I refuse to throw all my hard work to the wind for a vacation, but I also refuse to throw my vacation to the wind for a disease. (Girl has already found some drinks that would be tasty and sugar-free! 🍹🍺🍷) What tips have my fellow cruisers found for cruising with diabetes? In regards to food, how careful do you have to be about hidden sugars in foods?
  13. During our first cruise, my DD was 12yo. We sailed with another family on Carnival and the rule was that she had to be with someone - even her friend who was 13yo was acceptable. Last year's cruise on NCL (Getaway), she was a new 14yo and had a lot more freedom. She went to the Glow Party and the teen club by herself with no issues as well as back and forth to the cabin. We paid for the texting function each time and she knew to answer if I called/texted. Having said that, the text functions are not perfect and calls/texts will drop. (I discovered on this last cruise that the trick is to reconnect the app whenever you get where you are going.) Really only you can determine the maturity level of the kids involved and how far you can trust them.
  14. I did not so that is great to know. Thanks! And now that you mention it, I finally see the spot on the description that actually says that. Doh!
  15. The Oceanview Villa is available to book and we are not in a suite or Haven. The price is significantly different though and way out of my comfort zone.
  16. Bwahahaaa! The OP was making a joke that if their cruise left in 2019 but didn't come back until 2037, they would have excessive dog boarding fees. Pretty sure they weren't asking about a service animal. Unless they have kids, of course. 🙂
  17. We will be docking in San Juan from 4pm to 10pm. Anything to do at that hour?
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