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  1. I am traveling with my husband and parents. So I guess we are 4 of the 5.
  2. The transfer worked smoothly and we had a wonderful evening in Vancouver. We actually took a cab over to Ambleside Park and watched the ship sail under the bridge. It was great. I will state again Royal stepped up for us and took care of everything. I thank you all for your input. We are enjoying our second leg and look forward to many more sailings.
  3. I agree, I booked in November. They have had plenty of time. I just called CA Diamond Plus desk they said they have submitted it to a supervisor and they have flagged it as a priority. I mean come on now I leave Wednesday morning at 5:45 am.
  4. Oh even better than that was she also said I could catch the ship in Australia.....I’ve got news for her it’s already left Australia!
  5. Just got a call from RCCL saying I would not be able to stay on my second leg of the B2B because it would be a Jones Act violation...not stopping in a foreign country. However, the first cruise leaves from Hawaii and stops in both Victoria and Vancouver. I was given the choice of cancelling with a full refund or getting off in Victoria and ferrying over to Vancouver. The ferry option would be at my expense and I would have to pay for a hotel. I’m pissed! Waiting for a supervisor to call me back. Oh yea we fly out Wednesday morning at 5:45 am.
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