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  1. Jeep61


    Well, before this thread peters out completely I want to say that it has been very informative reading the energetic dialogue. We booked the 2021 7 night Journey’s Western Med cruise that became a chartered with an 11 night itinerary of nearly all repeated ports for us. That cruise was not for us. Based on the various comments about the pricing circus Azamara has been performing, we took some of the advice on this thread and looked at Oceania as a replacement. Found a 12 night one that traveled from Barcelona to Istanbul and we realized we could finally get to see Istanbul from the comfort and security (if there is such a thing any longer) of a cruise ship. The bundled airfare and included wi-fi also caught our attention. Per night costs were reasonable, but then we saw there were 1250 passengers. We were not willing to go back to larger ships after our October 2019 cruise in Southeast Asia on Quest. Then someone on this thread mentioned a good deal on an 11 night round trip out of Athens that had an overnight in Istanbul on Azamara Pursuit. Sounded perfect and we were able to move all of the incentives from the on board booking of the defunct cruise plus the so-called 40% off special fare. We get to stay on the smaller Azamara ship; we get to see Istanbul and several other new ports; we get to return to Ephesus (where I am guessing the Azamazing event will be held); and we get to spend about the same for the longer cruise compared to the original booking in the exact same verandah cabin. Done deal! Now all we need to do is wait almost two years, but that’s how far in advance we booked the 2019 Quest cruise. So, I send many thanks to all who contributed to this thread.
  2. Jeep61


    Let’s get back to the original issues raised by this thread. Azamara chartered a 2012 Journey cruise, then added four nights to the itinerary, and changed many of the ports. This annoyed those who had booked the original cruise, B2B cruises related to the now-chartered cruise, and those impacted by the changes that had a ripple effect for other Journey cruises and also impacted the some itineraries for Quest. Basically, Azamara offered $250 OBC for those who had already booked the 2021 seven night Journey cruise. To receive this compensation, clients needed to decide whether to accept the eleven night itinerary, transfer the booking to another Azamara cruise, or to cancel and request a refund prior to December 30, 2019. I called Azamara and asked for the fares on the lengthened cruise and for a ten night cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona. When we booked the V1 fare for the original cruise (Islands of the Western Mediterranean) was $3,899 per person. The lengthened cruise fare for the same V1 was $5,999. The V1 fare for the ten night Lisbon/Barcelona cruise was $5,599. The per night costs were nearly equal to one another - $15 difference from lowest to highest per night cost. I asked for the published fares even though by booking in October during a Quest cruise, I qualified for some discounts and OBC from Azamara – I decided to keep that out of comparison. The September 2021 departure per night fares, seem reasonably consistent. Therefore, the choice should logically be based on itinerary and whether you can tolerate a cruise line which imposes such fluctuations in cruise length/port/itinerary after a cruise is offered for bookings. I am not sure where we stand – we need to study the itineraries and measure our tolerance for such changes!
  3. Jeep61


    Even more frustrated now! We are not interested in Journey's new 11 night version of the 7 night cruise we booked on the Quest last month. Too many repeat destinations. So I thought I found a substitute cruise along the southern coast of Spain to Lisbon. It's for 10 nights. I tried booking the same level veranda I have on the recently chartered 7 night cruise that I booked last month. Unless I am doing something wrong, there were only a handful of verandas available on decks 7 and 8 and it looks like the per night advertised fare for the 10 night potential substitute cruise is much higher. This is for 2021 so I find it hard to believe that nearly all of the verandas are already booked! Right now I feel that we will ask for a refund if and when I hear back from our online travel agent. This entire situation is turning me off completely and that's after only one cruise on Azamara.
  4. Jeep61


    We too just leaned the details of the changed itinerary for a cruise we booked last month on Quest for a September 2012 Journey cruise. Not sure what we will do since the charter lengthened the cruise and changed the ports to places we have visited several times. We were offered a minor compensation and need to confirm what happens to our reserving on-board incentives if we switch to a different cruise. A total frustration and disappointment.
  5. Jeep61

    Journey 10/21

    I discovered the change from 7 nights to 11 nights today. Called Azamara and was told decisions on changes would be resolved in a week and then passengers would be notified. Not sure what our decision will be until they announce the details. It is annoying and frustrating.
  6. Jeep61

    Angkor Wat Question

    Our cruise begins in Hong Kong and ends in Singapore. We decided to visit Angkor Wat independently after the cruise by flying Silk Air to Siem Reap. We fly Cathay Pacific from Siem Reap through Hong Kong all on one ticket back to LAX. We like the idea of the connection in Hong Kong being on one ticket. The open jaw reservation was not much different from the round trip Hong Kong-LAX. The strongest determinant in our decision of going post cruise rather than prior since was the lack of backtracking between Siem Reap-Hong Kong-LAX. Plus, we will be accustomed to the SEA time zone by then, rather than dealing with jet lag and the demands of Angkor Wat. At our age, comfort and ease are more important than cost for this type of trip.
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