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  1. I had the UDP on Indy a few weeks ago & had to fight to not pay an extra fees to dine at Izumi Hibachi. They originally tried to charge $14 more per person, and stated that because of the $35 threshold that lunch would be fully covered. The website now states that the Hibachi will be $10 extra per guest and added to your bill, and that Playmakers is now at a $20 limit. Forgot about trying Fish & Chips though...
  2. You would probably better off purchasing a dining package, because unfortunately, the specialty dining prices are typical for Royal 😕
  3. I have not sailed other lines for comparison, but I agree with you. My Liberty sailing had some seemingly disinterested employees in my opinion. They seemed to be all over the ship, too, maybe they were homesick, tired, etc. I'm not sure what the issues were, but it was very distracting. I ran into a lady that worked the MDR on my first sailing, that I never saw a smile from at any time. I notice that a lot of staff do not speak in the hallways unless spoken to as well. Met one perfect room attendant on Anthem, and a host of forgettable ones.
  4. I haven't seen them for my November sailing, and the beach beds didn't show up until recently. I don't know what they are doing over there...🤔
  5. I prefer specialty dining, but when in the MDR, I always look forward to the short ribs, lamb chops & jerk chicken. Not too impressed with dessert selections (very picky eater), so I just go with ice cream & the cheesecake
  6. Last year on Liberty, the bartenders swiped our cards at first, but stopped after a while. This was at multiple bars, with different bartenders but we were sitting there with them for a while. Some would just look at the sea pass card, and give a disregarding wave. On Jewel this year, our cards were always swiped. It appears that it varies by ship. The same thing with a receipt, some will give you a receipt while others did not. But to the OP's question, I could get 2 drinks & 2 waters using both cards at any bar.
  7. I read it more than once, which is why I asked. Thank you.
  8. I never had a problem with getting my price adjusted prior to final payment. Of course, they try to sell their usual add-ons, but that's about it.
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