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  1. We did not snorkel at this excursion, nor did I see anyone snorkeling. The beaches had rough water conditions while we were there and nobody could swim, therefore no snorkeling. I am not able to help with your questions.
  2. Cash I think, I would just bring more cash than you think you’ll need.
  3. I believe so , there’s a stand for all the rental stuff to the left of where you dock
  4. We were just at Blue Lagoon and loved it! You can check out my review, very detailed!
  5. I think your son will have a great time with the dolphins!
  6. I didn’t go to the bars other than once to try the conch fritters, but I don’t think the drinks were bad..not overly expensive. Maybe like around $5/$6 on average?
  7. Yes I think spending less for the deluxe and basically getting the whole island to explore is much better value. Enjoy pearl island! That was one of our contenders as well.
  8. Sailing on the Allure of the Seas currently, and wanted to leave a review for this excursion that we had planned through the ship for our Nassau stop. I planned this ahead of time and paid $77pp. We had gotten our excursion tickets in our stateroom when it was available on the first day. The meeting time was 9am on the tickets. When we departed the ship on the day of the excursion there was meeting locations set up for each excursion. We turned in our tickets for wristbands that said 9:45, which made me question why we weren’t leaving for almost an hour after the excursion ticket stated. We also received our tickets for our welcome drink and lunch. The time came and we all followed the excursion leader through the pier to a two-level pontoon style boat for our transportation to the island. There was two of these boats, and ours was definitely not cramped. On the way (roughly 30mins) we were given a tour which included all of the famous celebrity homes that we passed... Tiger Woods, Jay-Z, Oprah, Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson. (As well as the area in the opening credits of Gilligans island) The entire time the captain and his crew were having a blast getting the whole boat dancing and playing music for us. As we arrived it was breathtaking just like I had been expecting. We got off the boat and began to explore right away. The dolphins were just to the right of the boat dock area and that’s where we went first. This area was way larger than expected and after seeing the dolphins and the trainers I had no doubts that they are taken very well care of. We got to see them jumping and playing while the trainers were not with them as well. The dolphin section is larger than the other animals but every spot is gorgeous regardless. I would say all of the animals have a very large area to roam. I highly recommend booking something that includes the dolphins if you’re questioning it due to watching a group and they were having a blast in the water. After this we we explored all of the different beaches and sections of the whole island. There is a gift shop that had a good selection. The bathrooms are surprisingly clean. We had been advised of the signs that had the departure times for two different boats you could take back to the pier and there are several of these signs on the island. We took the later boat and had some time to shop near the pier. The food was good and the drinks were too, just a little watered down. I tend to think that if your going to these excursions you cannot always expect the best of the food and other amenities. Obviously they don’t have gourmet chefs cooking the food.. but I had no issues with it. If it was gross I would be the first to tell you. Hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, fries, peas & rice, salad bar, etc. There is also a roof top area to eat on that is gorgeous. I had tried the conch fritters also that was not included in the price. There are several bars around the island. Also stands for carvings and other souvenirs and hair braiding. We had walked past the VIP section and I’m glad we did not book this. Nothing against the area but we had the whole island to explore and had no issues with finding a quiet spot, I feel it would be a waste to spend extra to stay at the back of the island inside a roped area the whole time. We had crossed the bridge and found even more “bed things” with nobody around so we stayed there for a little bit too. We also had a lot of hammock areas to choose from some more secluded, but everything was very relaxing. We would book again for sure.
  9. Also on Allure currently and it was day 2&6
  10. Question regarding the 2nd formal night. I know that for 7 night cruises Royal states they have 2 but my app is not showing itenerary for the 2nd, only the first. Should I assume there will be 2 anyway? Sailing on Allure
  11. So excited to follow this live !! I will be going on my first cruise next week on Allure, all of the same ports as you! We have nachi cocum Booked for Cozumel so I’m very excited now that I’ve seen some comments on here that it’s a good time.. also looking into changing up our excursions for Roatan...thinking I really want to hug a sloth 😂
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