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  1. That Paddle boat looks like a blast. The boards too. Cool ideas.
  2. Hi, me too! The Bahamians are good craftsman’s. I look forward to what they will have. And also the Ocean Cay souvenirs. The first ships there they will fly off the shelves. It has take. So long lol
  3. Yes, I imagine that is true. I thought I saw a photo of a cabana With a light in it. anyway rules are rules. So excited to see the island.
  4. Well, I saw a photo from a worker on the island of a couple yacht club cabanas. They are very nice. I think since we can use the cabanas till dark it will be fun. Although why do we have to give the. Up at dark??? But they say all day till sunset.
  5. Why would the fish be smiling if they were going to be turned in fried fish with chips.
  6. Well, they will be in the Yacht Club area but the whole area will not be finished yet. But can’t imagine what else there would be. Maybe a different restaurant.
  7. I am worried about it being ready for us also. But they do have it in our Excursions to rent a Cabana for 6 the whole time the ship is docked there. Which is 11:55 pm our time to leave.
  8. Well, how about that. We should meet. Are you going March 3??? We are from Punta Gorda. Are you with Holistic Holiday At Sea?
  9. Does anyone has a photo of Divinia 10097?
  10. How about taking a diffuser for essential oils with you on the cruise. They are like little humidifiers. And the added benefit of using an oil like lavender for a good nights rest.
  11. I did check. Thank you though. Did not have a photo of the room. I was wondering if the room would be the red decor. Is yours?
  12. Hi. Does anyone know where I can find photos of the rooms on Meraviglia? I have room 12139. Is there somewhere to find out what it is like. Or at least the color scheme? Thanks
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