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  1. I was booked with a group of 9 for a May 21 sailing. 3 of them got refunds yesterday. The rest of us are still waiting so I’m not sure how Carnival is sending the refunds out. We all cancelled at the same time in March.
  2. Dream April 9th was cancelled, rebooked for September 10th
  3. Eggs toast bacon oatmeal croissants cereal coffee tea juice...no omelette bar.
  4. We went to breakfast kinda early so it wasn’t busy at all.
  5. Yes it was very much worth it. One thing I did realize was that even though the Cabana patio was awesome, I would have been fine with a Havana interior cabin because of the private pool area. Never too crowded and very quiet. It was like having the whole area to yourself. If I knew this before, I would have saved the extra $1000 or so. Just my opinion.
  6. We did the 6 day cruise to costa maya, Belize and Cozumel...Sun-Sat. The elegant nights were Monday and Thursday.
  7. I liked the privacy and the exclusive access to the Havana area. Even though it was open to the public after 7pm, It was never crowded. Also the private patio was awesome...especially in the mornings. Didn’t see anyone walking by other than a few neighbors but we were on the end so that could’ve been the reason. The ocean plaza was located right next door and had breakfast available every morning so we never went to the lido deck for breakfast.
  8. Hello, Just wanted to share my Carnival Vista experience. First off, it’s a big beautiful ship. So many things to see and do. We stayed in a Havana Cabana and loved it. Guys burgers were great as usual and the steakhouse was delicious. Matt the cd was awesome. We didn’t get to do the sky ride or sky course, the lines were always long. The ship seemed crowded on sea days but never a long wait for anything like food or drinks in my opinion. We planned to see a movie on board in the theatre but never got around to it due to so many other things to do. Never a dull moment. I will definitely cruise the Vista again. I will be happy to answer any questions and have included some pics.
  9. Do ships get an overhaul when moving to a new port or do they just start sailing as soon as it gets there? Wondering if the Dream will get a good cleaning and maintenance when it gets to Galveston from New Orleans.
  10. My boys were 11 and 15 when we decided to get connecting cabins. That’s the only way they could have their own room. I don’t think would be able to sleep if they were across or down the hall.
  11. Awesome review and nice pics! We’re sailing the Vista in April. Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊
  12. JaiJae

    Belize Excursions

    I would really like to do an excursion when we get to Belize but all of the reviews I have read say that it’s a long ride to all the excursions...like an hour or more. Are there any close to port or no more than maybe 15-20 minutes from the port?
  13. I want to book a cruise for the summer of 2020 but I see it only goes to May. Any idea of when the full 2020 schedule might be available? The reps were no help so I thought some experienced cruisers may have an idea of when it will be available. Thanks
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