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  1. I was really unimpressed with the lounger situation there as well. Almost jabbed my eye out walking and ducking, walking and ducking looking for 2 chairs beside each other. Then it was so smothery feeling with so many umbrellas..no air was stirring. I wanted to close the umbrella and get some sun, however my umbrella was actually giving shade to the row behind me, so I couldn't steal their shade. I don't understand why Carnival doesn't start the row of free chairs closer to the water, therefore weeding out the "entrepreneur" chair renters? I will never try that situation again. We went to Margaritaville---much more pleasant chair situation.
  2. i read this on trip advisor just now also... took a cab here when our cruise stopped in St. Thomas. It is about a 20 minute drive ($10 per person each way) plus an entrance fee. The beach is beautiful and there are beach chairs to rent and food to purchase. However, the area close to the food and chair rentals was pretty crowded so we went to the far end of the beach. You rent your chairs in the shop and then you had to carry them to wherever you want to be, which for us was a hike. Apparently, you can tip the guys and they will carry them for you but they did not want to carry ours all the way to the end of the beach (don't blame them - neither did we!). You also have to pay an additional $5 per chair deposit in cash that will be refunded if you return the chairs. Once we got over the initial surprise at having to carry the chairs and get ourselves organized, we were able to enjoy the day. Nice beach and we all really enjoyed the day. The food is pretty good but quite overpriced.
  3. Im curious about this also. I literally just read somewhere where Magens has NO loungers and one tiny food place with horrible lines. I will be needing a chair and full drink service LOL.
  4. I havent cruised a lot, but it amazes me that everyone seems to know what class each ship belongs to lol. It is very helpful to know what classes have what amenities in order to plan. Yall are so helpful!
  5. Sooooo many choices!! I dont care for peaches, so I will have to pass on those with the schnapps . I dont like lemonade or tequila so those are out, but I cant wait to try most of these :-)
  6. Yall, I cant wait to get on the Carnival Breeze in January. Looking forward to sipping some delicious adult beverages. What are your favorites and what are they made of? :tropical-drink::bottle-pop::champagne-toast::whiskey-glass::beer-toast::cocktail:
  7. I've read on other boards that they have pre registered for shows etc. I can't for the life of me find where I would do that. Carnival breeze in January. Any hints lol
  8. So, on the Breeze excursion list for the Amber Cove port, they list the OUTBACK DOMINICAN ADVENTURE WITH LUNCH. Has anyone gone on this excursion? Some of the reviews I have read say that it goes to a secluded beach. Do you recall where this beach was? I think this would be a good day, but they also say they didnt stay long enough at this beach. thanks!
  9. I have searched and searched for a good answer to this, but I cant find a definite answer. I love the ocean and would love to do a little body surfing like I do off Myrtle Beach. Just casually riding the waves in on my little foamy board lol. Doing these ports of call in January on the Breeze... Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turk. Are there any beaches where the waves will be big enough for this? I love to hear the waves rolling in, its so peaceful! But most of the pictures of the beaches show the beautiful STILL waters. :-( Any thoughts on the best beaches with waves in these areas?
  10. I just read that you can spend a certain amount in the Casino and your drinks will be free while you are playing. Does anyone know the amount you have to spend to reach this benefit? https://www.carnival.com/onboard/drinks-on-us
  11. Oh goodness...where is this early saver link? I cant seem to find it or find out if I even booked with the early saver option. How would I find that? such a newbie LOL
  12. OMG thats right. I had totally forgotten that! Do they make cans of water? They do let you bring a certain amount of canned beverages aboard right?
  13. Do any of the shuttles from the airport to the terminal stop anywhere? I want to stop at a convenience store to bring some water onboard. Is this possible or what do you think my options would be? An Uber or taxi from the airport seems to be pretty expensive.
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