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  1. Correct. "Choose a ship that stops in Costa Maya."
  2. She was anchored off CocoCay last week, so hopefully this means that she's getting to get back in service. Not in time for my cancelled November 30 transatlantic from Barcelona..... 🙂
  3. Fun story - we took our kids out of school for a cruise and I went to Guest Services to get a map, so they could plot the course and turn in a report for school. The nice woman opened the file cabinet to find one and there was a file with the header 'S/EX Order Forms'. I commented that this must be a full-service ship, and laughed - and she didn't get the joke. I had to explain it to her. Even though she was American, she was so set on doing her job that she never notice it as anything but Shore Excursion Order Form. Later on, when she saw me walking by, she laughed and said no one in the office had ever noticed it. 🙂
  4. Oasis is awesome and there are too many FREE food choices, without even considering the speciality restaurants. Breakfast at Johnny Rockets on the Boardwalk, the Solarium Bistro, the Park Cafe are all good alternatives to MDR or Windjammer. If the specialty restaurants are open for lunch, they have most of the menu and cost less. You're going to have a great time!
  5. Florida legislative leaders now want to withdraw from OSHA over vaccine mandates, so this is going to get very interesting.
  6. Look to fewer cruises from Florida and moving more departures from the Bahama. Everything is working perfectly and there is no reason to screw it up.
  7. As far as I know, they are only online, but delivery was in 48-72 hours for us. Keep those other tests to test yourself when you get back, if you care to.
  8. I got the impression from his post that this was his choice. "Well, basically I was just tired and needed an early break. #royalcaribbean has been very supportive and I’ll be back somewhere in 2022! "
  9. We were on Chill Beach between the Snack Shack and the Chill Grill area, right near the restrooms. There was background music, but not loud at all. We liked that location.
  10. If you decide to stay up and check in at 12:01, let us know if it works. 🙂
  11. If this actually happens, please post some photos of how they dock three ships.
  12. We paid the $1.99 per day for the app messages, but we all got random updates from news sites, facebook, or other message apps. It was completely random and never lasted long, so don't depend on it. 🙂
  13. We heard some people on board Mariner talking about how the kid's club had a max capacity and their kids didn't make it in, so they want to sign up sooner next time. I think they said it was capped at 20 - but I have no idea what age group.
  14. I think there were, between the Snack Shack and the restrooms, just ashore of the over the water cabanas. They had cute little signs saying 'Welcome Annette' or whoever - but we didn't really see a lot of people, or even their stuff, in any of them.
  15. Would you prefer to not have vaccines and have everyone be symptomatic? What a bizarre statement. The cruiselines cannot afford an outbreak. The precautions are appropriate.
  16. So ALL of the casino reeks, and it comes up the stairs and you can smell it in the Promenade. After the first day, we remember to never walk on the port side of the pool deck.
  17. We did a transatlantic on Serenade, and really loved the ship.
  18. We were on the beach that is just to the north (left, facing it) of the CocoBeach Club. It's almost equidistant from the Snack Shack and the Chill Grill, right in front of the restrooms with the little basketball court. The tram goes right past it. It was perfect. Not too crowded, lots of shade toward the back, just a little music in the distance, nice wade-in beach. We intended to start there and move on, but stayed the whole day.
  19. Piggyback question: we are on a B2B with the first week assigned and the second week, added later, is GTY. Will being on board help with cabin assignment?
  20. The passengers we met at CocoCay told us that they were at 80%.
  21. Just got off the Mariner - we did indeed have the both ribbons, but they weren't that bad. No one had theirs really tightened, and they washed and dried very easily. I was pleasantly surprised.
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