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  1. Yes. We were able to keep the lanyard/plastic card saying "all access ships tour" they gave us before we started. And when it was done we were given a cheap "how to tie knots" manual with a short piece of thin rope. We tossed both.
  2. Hello...my comments were posted yesterday "Just back from the Oasis-September 16 -September 23 (Grand Suite -11654"
  3. Could be the Savanah Jack Band - same show we had last week on Oasis. https://www.savannahjack.net/tour-dates
  4. Lots and lots of children of all ages including the very young being carted around by tired looking moms and dads. We had a couple of owners suites down the hall from us that we peaked into. Very very nice!
  5. Parking,luggage drop off, and embarkation processing at PC was quick, easy and welldone. Suite pax were sent to a dedicatedwaiting area with snacks and cold drinks. Around 11AM we were asked to getready to board. We were part of a group in the queue following 100 pluspassengers who had sailed on the Oasis the week before (back to back). So upthe gangway we went towards deck 5 - in 90 degree temperatures and stopped -and waited and waited and waited. Seemsthere was something wrong with the back to back passengers sea pass cards andthey couldn't get past security and get on the ship until they sorted that out.Bad start! Debarkationfor suite passengers was quick and painless. We met in the Champaign Bar at7:45AM, followed our two Concierges off the ship, zipped through customs, foundour luggage in a special area, found aporter, found our car and were on the road back home by 8:30 AM. Good finish! What weliked: The CoastalKitchen/Suite Lounge: The wait staff managers and the two concierges wereexcellent. The food and service was very good - although the day to day menudidn't seem to change . Our cabin and our cabin attendant were great. Lotsof room, lots storage space, and close to the elevators. Quiet! Small continental breakfast in the roombefore a hot breakfast in the Coastal Kitchen. The Ice Show (Frozen in Time)was outstanding. Sorrento's Pizza, Sabor chips and guacamole with margaritas,Chops for lunch and the Dog House were also very good. What wethought was OK:Drink package bar service was OK but often slow. Not enough bar tenders ortoo many waiting or both. The paperwork processfrom bar to bar was different. Some bars would slide your card and be done withit. Other bars would take your card, enter numbers on a screen, print receiptsand give them to you to sign and give us an opportunity to give an extra tip. We visited the American Icon Grill oncefor lobster and prime rip and were seated at a table for ten. Good food but waytoo much going on for us. It was noisy, chef's parading around the room,singing, music etc. Oasis of Dreams and Cats were veryprofessionally done but not our cup of tea. Screaming children during Catsdidn't help. The on board All-Access tour was OK but we (and several others on ourtour) thought it was over priced. My wife wanted to go so I went with her. Be prepared for steep upand down narrow stairs. What wedidn't like: There were on and off plumbing/water problems throughout much ofthe ship. Water was shut off for four hours early one morning for maintenance. Thewomen's side public bathrooms were shut down with problems on at least three decksearly one evening for an hour or so. From the American Icon Grill, my wife electedto visit our cabin on deck 11 to use a bathroom. Cats was cancelled one night becauseof malfunctioning equipment in the theater. Come fly with me was cancelledtwice for the same reason, including the one we wanted to see. Friends we metsaid water dripped from the ceiling near them during a show they went to. With6500 plus passengers the 24 passenger elevators were challenged. Many (includingus) got on going up so they would have a place to go down - and vice versa. Ourelevator stopped once between decks and a man on the elevator jumped and itbegan to move again. He said it happened before to him. Early on the last daywe noticed a broken empty elevator stuckon deck 17 with a crew member standing close by. We also noticed the Carousel was closed forsome time waiting for repair parts to be flown in. We didn't like the long walkfrom the ship to the water taxi at St. Marteen. When returning we noticed therewere golf carts available to get a ride to the ship. We heard on the closecircuit TV that they were having difficulty with oneor more of the ship's printers and were waiting on repairparts - slowing down the printing of photos. With a deluxe drink package, JohnnyRockets milkshakes were not free unless food was ordered. PS: The things we didn't like didn't come close tospoiling the week. We had a great time, met some great people and will cruisewith RCI again - but not on the Oasis any time soon. We heard that she is scheduled for dry docklate next year. Maybe after that?
  6. As I understand it the Coastal Kitchen/Suite Lounge on the Oasis is always open to Grand Suite (and higher) guests and Diamonds (and higher). -- and Junior Suite guests for dinner only. Just got off the Oasis yesterday and my wife and I found the over all experience there was wonderful. However we didn't notice much day to day change in the menu.
  7. There were in excess of 100 back to back passengers on our cruise. They were called first, marched up the gangway AND stopped by security. They couldn't board the ship because their documentation/sea pass cards were not done properly. My wife and a every body behind them waited and waited and waited on the gangway until the snafu was resolved. I'm pretty sure you felt the ripple effect of that delay.
  8. On the Oasis now. If you had the unlimited drink package a shake was free but only if you ordered food. That's what I was told by the greeter. I passed
  9. Guest services told me this morning that there would be a charge for breakfast room service but not lunch or dinner. We ordered continental breakfast so there wouldn't be a charge anyway. We might try breakfast later in the week and see what happens? We might try later in the week and see what happens?
  10. Are you sure? In grand suite now. I am being told that room service is charged except continental breakfast.
  11. I gotta tell you I feel a little guilty about getting on a fancy cruise ship in a couple of days and sailing off into beautiful weather when other folks along the Carolina coast line are fighting to save their homes and their lives. God bless them.
  12. Wondering how many "cruise critic" users would be on a sold out Oasis of the Seas? Any guesses?
  13. I'm no expert about suite perks but I'm guessing the answer is absolutely. Pretty sure it's Concierge not hostess.
  14. On the Oasis, can someone let us know what the hours of the Coastal Kitchen's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner hours of operation are? PS: Never use a preposition to end a sentence with.
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